Sunday, 7 July 2013

Some progress......

So here is an update on the rope bed...
I really appreciated all of your suggestions! I thought long and hard about it
in the end I had to go with my gut
 for as HARD as it was...
(the room still isn't quite finished here) 

I used a mixture of shutter gray & grain sack milk paints and both clear & dark waxes from MMS
it looks a little lighter in the photos than it actually is...
..what do you think?

Here is the beginning of our laundry room....
We will be adding a counter-top  made of painted pine boards
and a skirt underneath to cover the machines

I will be painting the rack above and adding a shelf up there too

Just my bed~love my linen! (from IKEA)

laundry room shelving-BUT I came up with a great idea so I will be changing this soon


Hope you enjoyed our little bit of progress!


  1. Every vignette in your home is stunning.

    Love what you did with the rope beds. Did you sand it before using the milk paint or did you use the bonding agent?

    1. Thanks Heather!! We are cutting, sanding and painting pine boards for the couter top today for the laundry today. In fact we are doing a whole bunch of things-always so much to do! And for the bed-I didn't sand it-it didn't have a varathane type finish but it may have been oiled or waxed at one time-I didn't use the bonding agent either-just mixed the 2 paints together and applied it-then clear and dark wax-which I still have to apply again. It was hard to paint it-but I feel it's much fresher-I think I will leave the cupboard but that voice in my head keeps saying paint it too lol

  2. Pretty! Luv the painted bed !!
    Also the sheets from Ikea.. all deliciously wrinkled perfection.

    1. Thank you Gee! I know-I just love them wrinkles too! And great price for linen at IKEA too! :)

  3. enjoy ??!!!!, LOVE your home/style!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Man Mel...I love your looks so...I don't you don't try at all and its perfect(your kinda bugging me!!!!)hahaha!! Bed looks great,keep those photos coming!x0

  5. Your home is looking awesome! Painting the bed was indeed a good choice. It looks much nicer now. I love that bowl of brown blocks in your laundry room and throw the lavender into any photo and I am over the moon. Wish my house looked half as nice.

  6. Wow Mel, wish I could start every morning with new pictures of your house:) Your ideas and style are so inspiring. I LOVE the bed, and your laundry room is absolutely beautiful. Can't wait to see more! ~Meg

  7. I LOVE the bed! I'm glad you painted it! The color is gorgeous too :) I can't wait to see your laundry room! It's already so quaint and pretty! Have a great week :)

  8. The bed looks great ! I LoVe the floors in the laundry room....Oh My , Gorgeous ! Doing laundry can be fun.



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