Thursday 5 June 2014

The story of a cupboard

Well, this here is my new (old) cupboard!!
Isn't it perty!?
I found it at the Christie Antique Show.
It was love at first sight.
I have been feeling the NEED to make changes within our home
find ways to infuse a little more color
Now, this here is the cupboard that my husband and I built TOGETHER
last summer.
I know it's story.
It holds special meaning.
I really needed a LARGE kitchen cupboard for our family
We couldn't afford much at the time

We already had these pine doors purchased from a yard sale for $3.00
that were taken off someones old cupboards.
So we went out and bought more pine (which cost more than planned!)
but we built this wonderful cupboard for our kitchen.

I first stained it
then painted it with just regular latex paint
I actually mixed a few colors together that I had left over from other projects

It was GREAT for all my spices & pantry items.

I just loved (still love) it!
I e-mailed the owner of the cupboard and asked if she still had it
Or had it been sold at the antique show??
.........She still had it...........

I decided the only way I could get that new one was to start by selling this one first!
So the day came when I had to clean it out
I had a tear in my eye
and a knot in my stomach
I didn't realize it would be so hard
I guess because we built it together
It meant more than I realized
I DID cry as it drove away to it's new home.

Almost a week went by before I could go get this cupboard
I needed to raise more money!
I sold things from my home
that I had time to love for a while but could let them go.
I also sewed up some of these GREAT grain sack pillows.
One set I sold and the other went towards the cupboard, the woman who I was getting it from
wanted them for her booth.

I had pictured right away that I would fill it with Ironstone and Linens
(which now I want more of because I had to take most of this from everywhere else)

This exposed side has no green paint left on it
I think years ago someone scraped it off.

But THIS side is loaded with wonderful chippy green paint!
Unfortunately I don't know the story of THIS cupboard.
I wish I did!
How old is it exactly?
Who owned it?
Where is it from?
What stories could it tell?
 Ahh The BEAUTY of old! 

          So here it is~starting another chapter in it's life.
In it's new home.
A wonderful girl gave it a lovely home.

I think it looks wonderful and I hope she loves it.
I miss it.
I am really warming up to the change of having this new (old ) cupboard
Do you love the change??


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