Saturday 4 April 2015

Linen Slipcover (Part 1)

 OK friends and fellow DIY'ers!  I have decided to give making a LINEN SLIPCOVER for my EKTORP SOFA a try!  You may, or may not remember the gorgeous ruffled LINEN bedskirt I made for my daughters bed with it's amazing wrinkliness
 It wasn't easy-I'm not the greatest sewer and I have little patience-the sewing machine was close a few times to being thrown out the door! I'm not kidding! I was like.......just walk away...breathe!
I also made a LINEN slipcover for my thrift store chair. This was also frustrating BUT...IT CAN BE DONE!  Taking your time and thinking things through is the key. I searched all over for linen and found it to be quite pricey. I had already purchased a couple of the LINBLOMMA 100% linen duvet cover sets from IKEA and loved them but it took a while for it to CLICK! I realized because they were quite inexpensive for the amount of linen you get- purchasing more sets for my projects was the way to go!  Here in Canada the duvet cover sets are twin 69.99, full/queen 89.99 and king 99.99. When compared to fabric shops-this was the cheaper route. I am hoping I will only have to use my KING size duvet cover for the whole couch but I will see how it goes as I sew along.
I am not the greatest at giving step by step instructions, or following instructions for that matter!  I get a lot out of just looking at photos. I did find a lot of information on pinterest! OH HOW I LOVE PINTEREST! I read over a couple slipcover tutorials, and from those I decided to start, I am not following any one tutorial in particular at this point. You are welcome to ask me any question you may have! I started out by cutting 2 of the side seams out of my king duvet cover so I was left with one GIANT sheet of material. I laid one corner section of my large 'sheet' over the couch and I cut a section off to fit the seat and back rest. I am leaving this as one piece I didnt feel the need to cut it apart and sew it back together for the very back corner. The front section is about 6 inches from the floor because I will be adding a separate section for the skirt. Always keep in mind leaving that extra 1 INCH of material everywhere for your hems.

Next I laid another section over the top part of the arm to meet with base, and along the side I cut it at about 6 inches from floor since I will be adding a skirt.
Then I pinned all along the edges where the pieces meet up trying to be tight in the groove. There was some extra length of material hanging so I cut it down closer to my pins so it would be easier to see & sew.

Then I got a piece of paper and as best I could I cut it to the shape of the arm.
Then I pinned that to the material and cut a section that was about 1 inch larger than the paper. (it doesnt look like there is an extra inch in photo but there is)
Then I pinned that section to the part going up over the top of the arm
Then I sewed those sections together! and YES my pins are in the wrong direction but HEY!
One of the hardest parts about sewing sometimes is working inside out and backwards!!!
I did all the work on the left hand side of the couch-for the right side!  My brain isn't always that high functioning!
AND YES!!! It's looking pretty good so far! I chose not to add piping on the edges. Not ONLY because it is way less work, but the IKEA slipcover I have on this Ektorp sofa right now is the Stenasa and it doesn't have piping either and it kinda grew on me.
So this is the point I am at now, I will do a little more as soon as possible! It is Easter weekend and the Easter bunny will be hiding some chocolate eggs for the kids (me) and we will be enjoying a nice turkey dinner as well. I hope you all enjoy your weekend my friends! Mel


  1. I wish I liked to sew so I could make some slips. I love how yours is turning out and you have the prettiest cats.

  2. Congrats on your accomplishment!

    2 years ago I made slipcovers for our sofa and chair. I am an experienced seamstress, but I still found it to be an ordeal - 7 broken needles. I saved all the pieces in case I ever wanted to make another set, but I think I am going to pay a neighbor who makes slips for a living!

  3. You have done so well, I am impressed. Easter blessings.

  4. oh love the bedskirt....and your doing an amazing job.....I so wish to sew but sachets are my starting point .....good luck and it looks amazing
    patience is the secret to sewing .....happy easter thank you for sharing cant wait to see how beautiful it will look !

  5. I love to sew, yet have never challenged myself with a slipcover... I have a taylor Scott and have two slips from years ago, and now wish I had a wrinkled up linen like what you have done here. As for the welting or cording you did right by your style, and rustic farmhouse era. Most designs 1800's had no welting and my next slip I want just like yours and it won't have to grow on me :)
    I would love one made or perhaps I should try my sewing hand at making one, but I would even love to stitch som linen tattered patches over lapping two of them in a sweet area of natural wear. Even leaving the hem tattered after sewing off a hemline.

    Beautiful, cannot wait to see the sofa in all its backdrop beauty.

    Happy Easter.
    To you and yours


  6. This is beautiful. I sew and made a sofa cover out of painters drop cloth. It is OK and cleans up great, but yours is turning out gorgeous!

  7. What a clever idea how to do it,. it is looking absolutely wonderful and I hope it all turns out well.. Sewing is my bugbear and each year I promise myself to use the machine.. I bought it new three years ago and still have not used it!! I shall be back to see your blog again and be inspired once more*(* Thank you so much for sharing.. now I will read the rest of your posts.. x

  8. what beautiful pictures !!! I love its simple decoration !!! a beautiful Sunday angie wishes from Germany

  9. Making slipcovers is hard work! It's looking great. Can't wait to see it finished. I love your blog.
    I am a new follower.


  10. How did you make your bedskirt! I am thinking about making one, but can't locate any other post on your blog :)



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