Thursday 5 June 2014

The story of a cupboard

Well, this here is my new (old) cupboard!!
Isn't it perty!?
I found it at the Christie Antique Show.
It was love at first sight.
I have been feeling the NEED to make changes within our home
find ways to infuse a little more color
Now, this here is the cupboard that my husband and I built TOGETHER
last summer.
I know it's story.
It holds special meaning.
I really needed a LARGE kitchen cupboard for our family
We couldn't afford much at the time

We already had these pine doors purchased from a yard sale for $3.00
that were taken off someones old cupboards.
So we went out and bought more pine (which cost more than planned!)
but we built this wonderful cupboard for our kitchen.

I first stained it
then painted it with just regular latex paint
I actually mixed a few colors together that I had left over from other projects

It was GREAT for all my spices & pantry items.

I just loved (still love) it!
I e-mailed the owner of the cupboard and asked if she still had it
Or had it been sold at the antique show??
.........She still had it...........

I decided the only way I could get that new one was to start by selling this one first!
So the day came when I had to clean it out
I had a tear in my eye
and a knot in my stomach
I didn't realize it would be so hard
I guess because we built it together
It meant more than I realized
I DID cry as it drove away to it's new home.

Almost a week went by before I could go get this cupboard
I needed to raise more money!
I sold things from my home
that I had time to love for a while but could let them go.
I also sewed up some of these GREAT grain sack pillows.
One set I sold and the other went towards the cupboard, the woman who I was getting it from
wanted them for her booth.

I had pictured right away that I would fill it with Ironstone and Linens
(which now I want more of because I had to take most of this from everywhere else)

This exposed side has no green paint left on it
I think years ago someone scraped it off.

But THIS side is loaded with wonderful chippy green paint!
Unfortunately I don't know the story of THIS cupboard.
I wish I did!
How old is it exactly?
Who owned it?
Where is it from?
What stories could it tell?
 Ahh The BEAUTY of old! 

          So here it is~starting another chapter in it's life.
In it's new home.
A wonderful girl gave it a lovely home.

I think it looks wonderful and I hope she loves it.
I miss it.
I am really warming up to the change of having this new (old ) cupboard
Do you love the change??


  1. Hi Melanie,

    The new cupboard is gorgeous ~ perhaps it's not painted on one side because it was up against a wall or another cabinet? Don't you wish you could hear all it's stories?

    I too would have a very difficult time parting with the one you and your husband made together. My husband & I built our home & outbuildings and most everything inside them. Whenever the thought of possibly selling it all enters my head, it quickly leaves again. It's too hard to even think about! :)

    Have a happy one,

    P.S. Do you have an online shop?

  2. Melanie, you did right in both ways: the white one was beautiful and made by yourself so I understand you were sad when you removed it from you kitchen but the new one is gorgeous... you did an excellent choice!
    I really love the old and chippy green paint. Thank you for sharing this post.
    Enjoy it!

  3. I love both of the cupboards...the one built by you and hubby was beautiful. I also would have found it hard to part with it.. tears with you :( I also love the pop of color in the new (old) one.. Either way, you were blessed with your old chippy green one and she was blessed with the other... they both have found the perfect spot to settle in...Blessings!

  4. Chippy+Green=true love!! What a great piece!!!

  5. Love them both, the white one always made me jelous, but that green paint is my downfall <3, now I'm green with envy. ;)
    The gal who got your old cupboard sure has a cute house too! Love the wall she has it setting against.

  6. Your home is so beautiful, and so warm and welcoming as well. You are so kind and helpful to include all the information and resource lists you provide, so I am a bit embarrassed to even ask this weird question: what kind of beverage bottles do you have in your bottle holder? They are the perfect size for a similar holder I have. Thank you!
    Colorful Casual Dining Rooms

  7. Hi there! I found your blog recently in Prairie Style and LOVE your style of decorating. I do believe that your home is one of my favorites!! Your new old cupboard is wonderful. Perhaps the solid side was once against a wall and never painted. It is an awesome piece! And the old one is pretty in its new home.

  8. LOVE that cupboard! The color is amazing, and I love how you've filled it!

  9. they are BOTH gorgeous. the green is perfectly chippy!

  10. Hi Melanie, I love both! They are so beautiful... And on the other side, I absolutely understand you wanted a change. I am too in the mood of adding colors to the room. And the green is stunning! Enjoy it! Alexandra

  11. OH MY MEL...your new cupboard looks absolutely beautiful! What beautiful pictures and I love the way you displayed your much inspiration!

  12. Love the cupboard! Your treasures look so pretty displayed in it!

  13. I agree with the others. Both are beautiful. Don't you find yourself thinking about the lady of the house who probably so proudly displayed her items in the green cupboard? I bet she was proud of it!
    Blessings from Still Woods Farmhouse

  14. Your cabinets are absolutely beautiful! What a gorgeous home too!

  15. Seu lar é maravilhoso!!



  16. I can't believe I've been blogging for years and just now found yours! Thanks to the Prairie Style feature:) Your home is so beautiful, I have my magazine kept open to the first page of the article because I can't stop looking at it! Going to check out the rest of your blog:)

  17. Should you check it for lead-based paint ?

  18. Love the cupboard. So where exactly do you live?
    I must peruse a copy of PS magazine to see more...

  19. Up so late tonight finishing up some holiday event pieces, I took the time to look over your post as I often do and can see that my friend Lin visit and said exactly what I was thinking. The cabinet could have been butted up to a wall, like the 150 year old bead board closet in my grandparents home where the whole closet was painted except the side that butted up to the wall.

    You could chance painting the exposed wood side adding only sections to the side and rubbing and light sanding off of the paint. You can drip melted candle wax splatters on the side with drips, then paint over it, when the paint is dry take a putty knife and scrap off the painted wax, thus will give you clean distressed areas that look old and pealed with age, you can rub on some stain to the paint to age it, But seeing all the exposed wood is also the charm of this wonderful piece. I love it's primitive look and the feel of it fits so in with your rustic farmhouse patina.

    I adore the cabinet you and your husband made and white was wonderful up against your walls; I can see why you wanted more colour and more age to your homes designs, I too go through many moments of wanting colour again. Mine leaning more French in design style now, yet there was many years in my other home that my whole home was filled with Americana, rustic Primitives down to the roped beds and sofa.
    Step back cabinets wash stands, primitive salt and yellow ware pottery, and slowly through the years I moved into the direction of my French roots, never forgetting my love and passion for a primitive farmhouse look and feel.
    Your home is amazing, and I adore your simpler look in your design.

    Beautiful weekend, Happy 4th
    You made a beautiful choice in adding the new (old green cabinet) into the design of your rustic home life.

    About the pillows, do you sale on etsy? Or a booth ?
    How could I order some?

    Thank you for your love of forgotten pieces and the creating of new old.


    1. Did you ever get a reply about the pillows? I would like to order some as well.

  20. New to your blog...I love your farmhouse style. I would love to decorate like this.

  21. Hey, i am new to your blog...I love the farmhouse style and your farmhouse is so much lovely.
    Beautiful. Really! The DIY Cupboard is amazing! ahhhh, love all this hier so much!

    Isabell (Shabby Chic & Co.)

  22. I'm your newest follower, was brought here by a pin on Pinterest of your grain sack pillows! They're really lovely. Also, I love both cabinets. I'm sure whoever bought the white one loves it, and the green one looks like it's always been in your kitchen! I collect ironstone, too:)
    xo Kathleen

  23. I love your blog and your style so much! I am really enjoying scrolling through your posts! : D

    linsey at the farmhouse porch

  24. Both cabinets are wonderful. I do love the green though.



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