Thursday 1 December 2016

Season of Simplicity

Hello again friends!
It's been quite a while so I thought it's time I posted something new!
We have been SUPER BUSY with our c.1863 farmhouse restoration project! Not much spare time at all!

With our farmhouse being new to us I am testing out the waters as far as some exterior décor ideas. I LOVED my simple fall décor so much and the thought of decorating the farmhouse for different seasons makes me happy! I do NOT have much time to put into decorating at the moment, so good thing I really love a SIMPLE FARMHOUSE!

 I have added some simple fresh greenery to our front entrance. I would love to add greenery to the windows as well. I love infusing natural elements around my home. What would they have used back in 1863? No plastic store bought items that's for sure! I would also like some white lights but for now its extra simple! Really because I can't FIND my lights at moment! LOL but Hey! I'm just getting started!
 I love adding fresh natural greenery inside as well. I've added some dried white tallow berries to the mix. I LOVE the look!
 I've dressed up our dining table with fresh greenery in my large wooden dough bowls.
 My household is a busy one having 7 people and pets. We have a lot of STUFF and I can tell you that kids STUFF can be quite colorful! IT BURNS MY EYES! so I have been toning down my décor to a more neutral palette over the last several years as it actually helps balance the business of the home to add a more calming effect and is so simply pleasing to the eye!
A simple bunch of fresh natural greenery tied to some white stockings gives a very festive look.

OK!! so I really just wanted to share an idea we have for the front entrance and give a tiny snippet sneak peek into our c.1863 farmhouse restoration project!

As you may have noticed in the above photos the front entrance of our farmhouse has a rather ugly large cement pad that we will eventually remove and I would like some simple large stones as the step with some flagstone added as the walkway. Here are a few examples of stone steps. I just love the look and I think will look really nice!
 I found the above photo on pinterest and it is from
This photo above was also found on pinterest and is from

And this inspirational photo below from has FABULOUS stone steps! LOVE!


                                                       FARMHOUSE KITCHEN:

A great inspiration to me is artist/designer/author Terry John Woods. I just love his use of ironstone pitchers above this bridge wall faucet so much that I had to find a way to incorporate that into our farmhouse kitchen! Isn't this simply beautiful!? You can visit Terry's brand new inspirational site here

The kitchen window area (see photo below) is unique as the window is much lower than the countertop height. so there is a bit of a box with a small ledge. At one point I added a wider board and sat my herbs on it and I could envision the same type of set up as the photo above. So I thought it would be a great spot for this style faucet! I wanted that ledge for herbs and other pretties like these ironstone pitchers!

Terry also had something that I have coveted for years...sitting right below his kitchen faucet...a soapstone apron front sink!! So guess what will be replacing the stainless sink that was here??

THAT'S RIGHT!! I am SO excited!!
 A craftsman made Barocca soapstone sink made to my specific measurements. Many people oil or wax their soapstone which will turn it black but I will leave mine as is and let it age naturally with use.
MORE photos of my farmhouse kitchen makeover coming soon!

.....or what is most commonly referred to as the bath-room!
....but Mel's Spa Retreat sounds way better to me! 
Here is a photo of my beautiful daughter painting our farmhouse bath room! This room really needed a brighter coat of paint to freshen it up! Here we are using BENJAMIN MOORE BATH & SPA PAINT, that we got from our FABULOUS restoration project sponsor MY PAINT & DECOR. You can read about WHY this particular bathroom paint is so great HERE!!

We chose the color HORIZON. It is a pale grey that can either look warmer or cooler depending on lighting. In this room it has a slight hint of blue which I thought was nice for our claw foot bath retreat!

And for the bath floor which was a mix of both raw and previously painted wood which we sanded slightly, we used Benjamin Moore Floor & Patio Low Sheen in the color NIMBUS. It is a neutral greige (grey-beige) color which will also change with lighting which I love. Sometimes it seems warmer beige and sometimes a cooler grey. You can read more about this FLOOR paint HERE
 Photos of this complete fresh makeover COMING SOON! Until then here is a sneak peek at my FABULOUS claw foot tub & hand held shower wand faucet!
NOW do you see why I call it MEL'S SPA RETREAT!?
Pretty dreamy farmhouse tub right here!
 Simple farmhouse style!

Well friends, I hope you have enjoyed my simple farmhouse décor and little sneak peek update.
With Christmas right around the corner I am wishing you all the BEST this holiday season and hoping that Santa brings you all health & happiness this Christmas!! xo


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