Wednesday 31 July 2013

Sweet Dreams!

My headboard REALLY needed a makeover!
It had this black swirly wrought iron looking type thing in the center of it when we first bought it YEARS ago.
I removed the swirly thing and was having SO MUCH trouble figuring out HOW to fill the hole!
It was horrible. I had not a clue how to fix it!

Then I thought about old tin tiles (which I LOVE!) The hubby mentioned they might be hard to cut and nail into the wood and also any tin tiles I had found so far were a little out of my budget. :(

 BUT THEN! I found these inexpensive plastic tiles. I figured I could just paint them to try to give them an old tin tile LOOK. 
I cut them to size and it was easy to do because they are made of plastic.
 I then painted them with MMS MP in grain sack. 
Then I distressed then with a sanding block.
Then I just tacked them on from the backside! 
And well, they turned out pretty good! 
                                            They certainly work for now!

Hope this inspires you!

Friday 26 July 2013

NOT so perfect timing!!

We have been trying to prepare our home to be photographed for a magazine~and unfortunately for us it has been #ELL!
The timing couldn't be worse-my husband was locked out from work because of a labor dispute and we have found ourselves in a terrible position financially.
With 5 kids, 2 cats, 2 dogs, mortgage, food, bills, gas, (did I mention 5 kids??)  our budget is LOW if at all! Our kids are on summer break, under foot and complaining of boredom all day-well, why can't you go outside and play for HOURS like 'I' did when I was a kid?? I didn't sit around harping at MY mother! We have nowhere to send them for even a nice FULL day -and that makes it hard. Trying to get things done but then you have to break to cook them all lunch and then clean up etc.
We have some more painting and trimwork to do-the editor wants these photos VERY SOON-we have been under an EXTREME amount of stress. I was actually close to calling it OFF-except for the fact that I 'KNOW' I would regret it horribly if I did. You have to try to style your home geared toward the fan base of that particular magazine-so I was terribly upset when I found out my girls room probably wouldn't be featured in the issue. I have to change the wall color and add some decor touches and TRY to make it work because I promised my girls they would see their room in a magazine one day! I understand every one goes through a battle of some sort at some time- and some are much easier than others -this may not be as bad as some of the other battles I have faced in the past but it is my battle (right now) and it's draining!  I have dreamed of my home being in a magazine for about 20 years now-with everything going on I just wish this wasn't so hard. I am determined to make it work-because I KNOW the satisfaction would be beyond my expectations!
~I wish you all the best in whatever battle you are fighting right now~

Wednesday 17 July 2013

~Home-made LAVENDER soap & BUTTER~

I decided to have some fun with the kids today.
I made home made lavender soap with the girls and butter with the son that agreed to so it! :D I purchased goats milk soap base from Michael's. We melted it in the microwave and added lavender oil and tiny pieces of lavender. I then poured it into a foil lined loaf pan and let it cool. Once cooled I cut it and wrapped it in pretty packaging. I just tore up some tissue paper and used twine to tie on a prig of lavender.
To make the butter I poured some heavy cream into a jar with a marble and vigorously shook it until it separated. My son tried for a few minutes but apparetnly his arm got sore! I tried to squeeze out as much juice as I could and added some salt-it helps preserve it and adds a little flava flava! I will use the buttermilk left over for pancakes tomorrow morning! It is GOOD!

No Girls ALOWD


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