Tuesday 29 October 2013

It's been a while!

Just thought I would share a little since IT'S BEEN A WHILE since I have been in blog world!
I bet I have been missing out on some amazing stuff here!
I have this nifty old office wall cupboard for sale along with several other items
wishing I had a small shop from home! :(

It's a little rough on the outside but some people really like that

Wish I knew what exactly it had been used for!

It's just sitting here for now.....

A photo I took yesterday, I removed all the curtains because I am adding the final coats of paint on the trim!
I did a pantry make over!
Freshened it up with a coat (or two...or three) of paint! 
It is SO much brighter & looks cleaner!
Here is the before & after shots. It was dark & gloomy and dingy looking before!
We've been eating a LOT of eggs lately! Pretty soon it will be time to add a few chickens to the freezer though! 

My facebook page reached 7,000 LIKES! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!
Hope you all are doing wonderful!


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