Friday 26 June 2015

Entrance Makeover

Since our farm is for sale, I am trying to freshen up areas of the home that are otherwise.....BLAH. I decided to give our side entrance a makeover by brightening it up with paint. All the coat racks were dark brown wood and the window trim was still natural pine so I gave them all a coat of creamy white paint. (I used Swiss Coffee by BEHR which is what I use on the trim in my home)
I used to have a roman shade on the window and it was always left bulked up at the top so I threw up a simple linen curtain held by a branch of an apple tree. Our cats aren't liking it because it's harder to jump up and get into window ledge now. LOL. We gave the end wall some detail by adding a sign that usually hung in our front entrance. I had plans to paint the benches a glossy greige color BUT I think I will leave the wood for that little bit of warmth.

Now of course this is the staged look! It looks much different already since I had to put back all of the family's REAL LIFE things in this catch all area. Jackets, backpacks, helmets, water wings, baseball & bat, ball gloves, more shoes, bug spray, sunblock, dog brush & get the idea!! ;)



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