Friday 11 April 2014

Feels like Foreverrrrrr

Just posting random photos of my home life
Waiting for the issue of Prairie Style seems to feel like forever right now!
Above is our Hello Kitty in my daughters room~she is a pretty persian.

Who just happens to have the ugliest hair cut EVERRR right now! (below)
I know! I know! Horror, nausea, laughter, sorrow.
It's OK!
We also experienced multiple feelings but she was in need of a haircut. and like they always say

Here is Smeagol, in the laundry room
he is our blue point himalayan~such pretty eyes.

Smeags on my bed.
My middle child. My eldest of 2 daughters.
She is (hopefully) featured in Prairie Style.
We can't wait for the issue to come out!!
It's one of those situations where waiting seems like FOREVERRR


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