Friday 10 May 2013

A Pie Safe & New Baby Chicks!

On May 5th, with most of the family in tow-I went out to the  'A Day in the Country Sale' hosted by Kim Davies from . I wondered around , drooling at at all the eye-candy (AND  kind of sulking because I couldn't buy a bunch of stuff since the hubby recently lost his job!) BUT I did manage to purchase an old white apron  AND  I did get  to enjoy some chit chat  with a couple of the wonderful gals there- Kim, Christine from and Kathy from . AND  of course I got to take home this old pie safe!!  Kim had so generously given  the  pie safe to me back at her November sale as a gift for giving her a couch that she then had reupholstered in GRAIN SACKS!  Yes! Seriously!  and I just  LOVE IT! 
 I usually take photos of this event but this time I FORGOT my camera!!!! So if you'd like-click the link to my November post you can see the couch I am talking about and check out some of the amazing vendors  and their goods at this sale! Here is the link!
It came to me with aged wood inside -I liked it-and I left it like that for a while but I ended up painting it-to brighten it up and show off these pretty jars.
On May 7th, we brought home our chicks! 20 hens and 2 roosters. They were so tiny! Just 2 days old! 

The kids were so excited to see them after school.

Be gentle kids! 

Be very careful Tierney! ~She wants to be in the coop with them every day!

And here is our coop -we will be making some changes soon-adding a screen door and some fencing. I will post some more pictures as soon as we do!  


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