Sunday 11 May 2014

My Wall Cupboard finally up for Mothers Day!

For Mothers Day the hubs FINALLY got around to cutting down the depth of the wall cupboard we purchased last year. I had only just recently decided where I wanted it hung and have bugged him to get it done! It wasnt going to fit properly in that spot the way that it was so some cuts were made.  I wanted something to hold my baking goods and spices close to the prep area and stove. I am quite happy with the end result! I guess him finally getting it up for me made up for the fact that 'HE' slept in this morning and that 'I' made my own breakfast on this Mothers Day! LOL!! So he's off the hook! I hope all you Moms had a terrific Mothers Day!!~Mel


  1. Love your whole kitchen, just so pretty and charming! Your "new" cabinet is just wonderful.


  2. Love the Mother's Day gift. There is nothing more charming than a great cupboard and that one is GREAT!

  3. Oh that is fabulous ! So love the look :)

  4. I love it. Your cupboard is adorable. I"m a new follower. I'd love to have a visit back if you have time.

  5. Love your kitchen and the cupboard too!!

  6. The sweet cupboard your honey hung for you will far outlast the waiting for it to happen. And as for breakfast....yes~!....that happens too, far too often for me.
    As my Mother raised me to believe, "Every day is Mother's Day". So those wonderful things done for us are welcome *any* day in my opinion.

  7. I love your Blog! Anything Farmhouse & I'm hooked! Do you have a { Home Tour} link?


  8. What a wonderful Mother's Day you had. I too took an old entertainment cabinet and cut it down the depth of it taking it from 27" inches in depth to 13" inches turning an out dated tv. VHS tapes entertainment unit into a open faced stoneware cupboard as well as cookie sheet and floral can storage. It can be seen in one of my older postings.

    Your cabinet I would so have had in my kitchen if not I would have surly found a place for it.
    I just love your home.
    See you soon.


  9. Dear Melanie,

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  10. I love Farmhouse Decor! Your home is amazing! Just saw the comment from Artful Blogging! how exciting for you!

  11. What a beautiful kitchen. I love your new cabinet. What a nice Mother's Day gift! I'm a new follower. Hope will visit when you can.

  12. I finally got to read Country Sampler's Prairie Style ~ the article about your home was my absolute, hands-down, head-over-heels favorite. Congratulations on your feature, and on your gorgeous home & lifestyle!
    ~ Lin

  13. Love your farmhouse kitchen and your new cabinet is a new perfect piece for it. New Follower.

  14. Your kitchen is just super lovely !!! Beautiful Wall Cupboard.

  15. ...was für eine schöne Küche und traumhaft tolle Schränke, auch die Katzen weiter unten gefallen mir sehr sehr gut :-)).
    Ich werde diesen tollen Blog sofort verlinken damit ich nix mehr verpasse.
    Liebe Grüße aus dem Bayernland vom Reserl und den vielen Buben

  16. Hi Melanie

    Love your blog and Farmhouse decor. I'm also from Ontario. We live in beautiful Kawartha Lakes. Have a great day from a new follower, Helena ❤



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