Monday 5 May 2014

Song of a Sparrow~natural soaps

We are really enjoying our all natural handmade soaps & washcloth from Song of a Sparrow! With 5 kids at home we prefer using natural products and these soaps are AMAZING! Elisa also sells some of her beautiful nature photography taken in the mountains of Southern California.
                                                 ~Pure Lavender Mountain Soap~
 ~Song of a Sparrow~ Handmade soaps are all natural, vegetable-based, made high up in the crisp mountain air of Lake Arrowhead, California using the cold process method. Made with olive, palm, and coconut oils, including cocoa butter to make for a more moisturizing soap and it's got a creamy and bubbly lather. These soaps are great for the body and face, and mild enough for sensitive skin. And pretty hand-knit washcloths made of a soft, fluffy all-cotton yarn to go with the soaps.

                                                              ~Honey, Oats & Milk~

                                            ~hand-knit washcloths made of a soft, fluffy all-cotton yarn~
I love these soaps for my family!
                                                              ~Rosemary Mint Bliss~

~Lemon Cake Soap~
do you know how hard it is to NOT take a bite of this?
I am providing links to Elisa's sites.
Why don't you go check them out for yourself!


  1. Your soap and labels are so pretty.

  2. I use natural soap and natural products too :-) You made really nice pics of them... Alexandra



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