Monday 18 March 2013

Before & After

After seeing the before & after of Heather's washtub stand (Heather from New House, New Home, New Life) I was itching to paint something with my MMS MP! (Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint) that I purchased at Homestead House Paint Co. I looked around for something I felt was an eye-sore and could use a little freshening up and sure enough I found the perfect candidate!
I had built this pot rack a while back and it just seemed  too 'heavy'. I hadn't wanted to paint it white at first, I wanted some warm wood tone but I started thinking it was a little too dark. Now, this pot rack had been stained and a top coat was sprayed onto it. It had a bit of a shiny surface which made it a perfect candidate because I knew the paint would start to flake off.
I applied 'Grain Sack' onto it, and YUP!  it flaked off! On it's own in some spots and I scuffed it up in others until it had the look I wanted. Then I applied some clear wax overtop to finish it and stop any more flaking.
Tell me what you think!

To see Heather's before & after click here!

To purchase some MMS MP from Homestead House Paint Co. click here!

Sunday 3 March 2013

Cozy Corner & some down-time!

 A cozy corner of our living room. A great place to flip through a book or magazine. My thrift store wingback chair is slipcovered in white linen.
Unfortunately, this spot is often already occupied!

Here is another corner in our home-this time in the kitchen-it may not be cozy but it is cute!

and another corner- full of stuff-cant wait till spring! bring in some fresh colorful flowers!

I would like to thank  you all for being patient with me. I swear I am not in the witness protection program(LOL)  I have been taking a little time to myself for reflection, health issues, then my back was out for 10 days, and we lost 3 family members within 2 weeks- brutal! I am on the mend physically and still trying emotionally! I know we all have times like this and all we can do is support eachother.  I have received so many warm messages that really boost my spirits! Take great care all! ~Mel


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