Thursday 11 April 2013

SLOWLY making some changes.......

We are slowly making some changes in the kids rooms.
Two of our boys (10 & 6) had been sharing a room-
but now the older of the two is heading down to the spare room. 
He will be taking the bunkbeds & dresser with him so we purchased this 
OLD PINE CUPBOARD and an OLD ROPE BED for our youngest.

 I LOVE the warm wood hues for a boys room-but I will be trying to keep it as light as possible with the walls and decor. Greyish walls with grey & denim bedding, ticking and grain sack throw pillows! Going for that prim look., but a newer- fresher prim look! Can't wait till it's finished!

 We will have to figure out how to make this 3/4 rope bed work-but in the end it will be NICE!

The girls room is proving to be a challenge!
I am toning down the ruffles and ridding of the pink!
And have to figure out how to add some warmth to this room-so it's not so washed out.
Have you ever tried to pick the perfect off-white wall color!?
And each room is different because of lighting so it is VERY difficult!
I will bring some more large sample chips home from our local Benjamin Moore dealer and see if that helps.

These antique baby dresses will be hanging up soon by the pegboard my hubby & I are making.........

My inspiration for the room?
white primitive
rustic farmhouse style
romantic prairie style



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