Saturday 29 June 2013

Grain sack pillows~the first cut is the deepest

 Last May, I purchased this GRAIN SACK at the Day in The Country Sale hosted by Kim Davies -here is a link to my post about the  November sale I also attended. 
 I actually took scissors in hand, took a DEEP breath and went for it!
 This is the INSIDE of the grain sack! I think it's gorgeous!
Here is a photo of the pillows I am making with both the inside and the outside of the grain sack. But I am feeling guilty about cutting it! Looks like I will just have to get another one! ;)

Friday 28 June 2013

Random photos

I have been on edge ALL DAY
my oldest went to Cuba today with 8 other friends
he text me to tell me they were at a Bahamas airport
because there was a storm in Cayo Coco
so I guess I will be on edge all night
so I am trying to keep busy!
SO here are some more random photos :D

Friday 21 June 2013

A Trip to Waterford Antique Market (yes! another one!)

This morning my youngest and I went into Waterford Antique Market (again!)
We were greeted with a "Hello Melanie and T".
Such friendly staff there at the Market!
I was hoping to pick up a couple grain sacks for some projects.
I happened to find this cute little antique petticoat.
So I had the idea of using it as a sun-dress for my daughter and getting some cute photos of her wearing it.           

 Such pretty details!

The petticoat is now hanging on the far right.
Here are the 2 grain sacks I picked up today.
And boy was I lucky!!
There were some FREEBIES at the door!
So in the trunk they went! More projects!
If you can go check out the market-you never know what you may find!

Thursday 20 June 2013

My trip to IKEA~100% linen curtains

 So, we took a trip into IKEA yesterday and brought home 100% LINEN CURTAINS, a cotton covered foot stool ,some dish towels and feather pillows for the pillows I will be making!
 I think these curtains look very 'farmhouse fresh' in the dining room.

PRETTY PEONIES! and smell SO good!!
Now to get the sewing machine out!! I have some work to do!!

Thursday 13 June 2013

A perfect fit!

 I made yet another trip to the Waterford Antique Market in Waterford, Ontario. I am always sure to find something great every time I go! I believe there are over 40 vendors there~but I have my favorites! Today I was lucky enough to purchase this SWEET DRESSER! It fits perfectly in this spot! (right beside the closet-which doesn't have a door at the moment-so I can't let you see it!)
 This was from The Primitive Heart/1871 Farmhouse booth. (

I am so happy with it~it suits the room perfectly!

If you get the chance~stop in some time! (I also got this long petticoat from the market as well)


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