Monday 26 September 2016

Fall at the Farmhouse

HELLO AGAIN FRIENDS! ...and HELLO FALL!! My favorite time of year!!
Sweaters & flip flops! lol
Remember, I am Canadian!
 I was itching to decorate for fall so off I went with the plans of finding white pumpkins! and then I saw these guys! and I fell in love! Just that little bit of color but with a faded look. so pretty!
  and yes I did end up buying a couple white gourds & pumpkins but that's because too much color burns my eyes!
 I wanted to keep my decorating very simple! Simple enough that people will know that I'm participating but not so much that it starts looking like I might be selling the stuff!

 It's always nice when you don't have to go far to find some fall décor. Like right in your own flowerbed! Really, these hydrangeas are nice ALL year round!
This is an extremely chaotic time for our family right now, I am not finding that extra time to 'blog' at the moment. Once we get through this chaotic stage we are in right now and I have accumulated enough photos I will be posting updates for sure! Updates on what we have done, what products we used, how we dealt with temporary fixes, and much more. I have been dealing with health issues and trying to find out what's going on and this was not your average house purchase. OH NO it certainly was not! I am not only trying to run a household of 7 but also acting as the official dealing with the county for the farmhouse severance, and basically general contractor for the project. My husband works full time continental shifts and just sort of does what I tell him he needs to do. It's a LOT of weight for one person!

 I will tell you that a LOT has gone on and will continue to go on with regards to our farmhouse restoration. And I can tell you I feel wonderful about it! Lots of smiles over here. I am sure what I am feeling is hugs from that old girl because I have such a feeling of comfort in it!! There is still a lot of work-years worth of work to do but we have to try to prioritize those jobs as well. I have a lot of WANTS but we have to work on the NEEDS first as my husband reminds me!

 (I hope you are enjoying my simple fall décor!!)
 My mom in law said WHAT ARE THOSE!? referring to my strange form of cabbage. I don't know WHAT kind it is, I just like the looks of it and it was cheap! $10 for the 2.

Time to bring out those comfy blankets & quilts!
 My kitchen plans have changed-I am not having open shelving now, I am using some cupboard sections that we already had instead of open shelves. The cupboards are actually made from an antique upper cabinet that had been cut in 2! one half has a screened door so I assume the other had a screen door at one time. So on one side of the window the cupboard will be basically open shelving because there is no door and the other will have the screened door.
 I have been keeping in contact with Robin Stubbert the photographer who did my other photo shoots and we plan to do another in the future! OH! and she also said the the INTERIOR PHOTOS of the fall shoot we did at my old house may have been chosen to be featured fall 2017. Of course I will keep you posted about that!

I have also been busy creating items for my etsy shop RusticFarmhouseWares.
you can visit my etsy HERE
I use antique & vintage textiles to create my handmade designs all with that simple farmhouse style! Due to the nature of the fabrics some items may have slight discoloration & imperfections which only add to their character. I will be listing more aprons, pillows, stockings & other goodies asap. Let me know if I can custom make something for you! I will also list the occasional vintage item. 

 I've been stock piling some lovely grainsacks and linens and have been creating some cute lavender sachets and pillows. I have some orders to fill but I will continue to list more items as soon as I can.

So a couple years ago I made these vintage grainsack & ticking insert style pillows (below) and they have been pinned over 21,000 times! I guess you could say they are quite popular!
If you go on pinterest and type in 'grainsack pillow' they are right at the top!
So I decided to design some MINI PILLOW lavender sachets  
they are made in the same style as those ticking insert pillows!

 And YUP! its that time of year again when I start working on Christmas stockings! I bet I run out of supplies sooner than later!
 Below are the textiles I am using to put together a custom order of 5 stockings. They will be so cute!
Well friends, I hope that this update-about not giving updates constantly is taken well! I love having all you wonderful followers and I don't mean to disappoint anyone but I just have to do what feels right for me. Just know that everything is going good.
Phew! I am in much need of a nap but I must start some potato soup and get the laundry done! Take care all! ~Mel


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