Friday 30 November 2012

The Start of our Christmas Decor

 OK, so I finally started to dress the place up with some Christmas decor. We all have our own style and mine is quite minimal compared to some and I don't like a lot of color. My family thinks it's boring-I think it's simple and pleasing.

I will be bringing out more decor and posting about it in about another week or so. This year I would like a small REAL tree and I hope  there is no spiders in it waiting to thaw!!!! eeek!

Sunday 18 November 2012

Tattered & Torn ~Day in the Country Sale

This weekend  was the one I've been waiting for since the last sale they had here in May! I picked up my friend that went with me to the last one as well and off we went!  It's called  Day in the Country Sale and is hosted by Kim Davies from  Tattered & Torn. The barn is packed with antique and homemade deliciousness from multiple vendors. Seen here is the lovely Ironstone bowl I purchased from Kim. 
This barn is packed with AMAZING antiques & handmade goodies from multiple vendors-they even have a portable potty which impresses most of us since we are up early drinking our Timmies! lol
And they actually had drinks & donuts for everyone there as well!
This couch almost made me cry-and for very good reason-which I will explain in  a minute

Most of the photos you will see are from Tattered & Torn booth because it is the largest, most spacious booth-unfortunately I didn't get a chance to get all the booths and views of the sale because there was just too many people in there! 

This barn sale has some serious amazingly beautiful pieces! 
AND! I just noticed Chrissy from right there in the background by the fireplace mantle! it was SO nice to meet her in person!
This was the Eclectic Pelican booth-I apologize for not taking the best photos of the event-it was VERY HARD due to the fact that there were so many people in the way!!

This booth was Christine's from which was shoulder to shoulder people fighting for her lovely hand made & vintage goods! 
This beautiful PIE SAFE also has special meaning! I coveted it since her May show and it is now mine because Kim is a very, very  wonderful woman! (tears)

such details!

I purchased this Vintage by Nina Christmas coffee table book from

cute skates from

This stocking is from
I have never owned a rug beater-so I picked this one up at the show.

NOW! this couch (on the left) was a road side find from last year-I picked it up and brought it home with the intention of doing 'something' with it. As time past we had moved it from the barn to the trailer to the bunkhouse  and back to the barn and my husband asked what I was going to do with it because it is a very large piece and with all my other road side finds-it was taking up space! SO....I just KNEW that Kim would turn it into something fabulous so I handed it over to her and here it is adorned with antique grain sacks & homespun. It was beyond my expectations! 
IMPORTANT MESSAGE: I just received notification that this sale is going on AGAIN NEXT SATURDAY (24th) so save the date!!

Wednesday 14 November 2012

Day in the Country (sale this weekend)

This Saturday I will be attending this AWESOME sale! Kim Davies from will be hosting a Day in the Country Sale. There are about a dozen fabulous vendors including Christine Kuus from and also Daryl McMahon from You can be SURE I will be posting about it afterwards!

Friday 9 November 2012

Farmhouse Kitchen

 Some new kitchen accents.
 I was so tired of staring at the plain wall beside my cupboard-so I decided to do something about it this morning.
Now, we will soon be replacing this cupboard with a 4x7 cupboard that we are 'building' ourselves-fingers crossed that it will have the look I am hoping for!

Thursday 8 November 2012

Laundry Room Dreamin'

 I am fortunate enough to have 2 sets of stackable washer & dryers but unfortunately I don't have an actual laundry ROOM.
I have SO many antique laundry room decor  items-wooden iron boards, irons & trivets, sock stretchers, buckets, stands, a folding bench ringer, washboards, brown glass Javex bottles and the list goes on....
 .....because laundry is a MUST I guess I will keep doing it but I KNOW it would be a lot more fun if I could have my very own laundry ROOM!

Saturday 3 November 2012

Today, on my 40th

I went to town this morning & on the way home I stopped at a florist shop-flowers ALWAYS make me feel good! and today being my 40th-I REALLY want to feel good! I specifically pointed to the oldest ones that were open & bruised with brown edges-I turned my head for a second and when I looked back I saw the girl was picking off the brown petals! I said "NO! I like them 'RUSTIC' looking"-she said "OKAY? that's a first!" and made a face-well I can't help it-I like them like that! So on the drive home I came to a realization-whenever I have the opportunity to purchase something for my home I prefer something with 'patina'- chips, cracks, flaws, worn but definitely something AGED. I find that is when something is most beautiful. I am like a lot of women who struggle with CHANGES as we age but in all reality I am SO loved within my home and they see me as beautiful-my issues are my own- SO I think it's best I try to let it go and embrace my own 'patina' and the imperfections I see in the mirror.

Friday 2 November 2012

I am no longer 30 (something)

*Nov. 3rd  is my 40th Birthday, and I am NOT too happy about it. In fact, I have sobbed a few times this week. I even have to edit my profile now! I needed some shopping therapy-but had that nagging voice in my head reminding me about the 3 kids upcoming birthdays, Christmas and all the bills! We were lucky to  come across some great sales on our recent travels. I was surprised later to find out just what my hubby was willing to spend on me-he does try hard! and that makes me happy-but I am even happier to know that even in my frantic state I didn`t spend too much cuz the  feeling of the  intense guilt later is a killer!
 Simple things make me happy.
 We found some great stuff at a barn/garage sale an older man was having. and BOY! did he have some GREAT stuff! unfortunately he knew it and it showed on his prices! :/
 I got myself a new rolling pin-just in case someone angers me on my 40th!......JOKE!
 Found these great SWEATER MUGS at none other than.........Dollarama!!
 I sat looking at these today-then took a peek at pinterest and now have a GREAT idea for Christmas/holiday gifts for teachers! (will post about that next month!)
I enjoyed a nice cup of hot cocoa in my new sweater mug last night and tonight I will .................. 
(no this is not me but) I will be having my last HOT BATH of my 30's tonight! I figure it's a relaxing way to reminisce on all the wonderful things that  my 30's brought me. (now hopefully the kids go to bed or are at least QUIET! I will try to be relaxed about it and look positively into this  new beginning but I know I will shed MANY tears throughout 'MY' day!


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