Friday 28 March 2014

Sneak Peek~Prairie Style~pre-order your copy today!

 Fifi sent me a few sneak peek photos of her upcoming magazine..... Prairie Style!
On newsstands May 1st ~or~you can pre-order today and get your copy early!
I am posting links just in case you would like to order a copy (or two!)
 It is going to be filled with so much prairie goodness!
When it's coming to you via Fifi you know it will be good!

 We are so lucky to have our home featured in this come-back issue!
I can't wait to see it!!! Gonna have to get quite a few copies myself!!

single issues

bulk orders

Saturday 22 March 2014

here an egg~there an egg

around here~most of the time~the chickens just kind of roam where they wish
now that it is spring~they are starting to lay more frequently
and that means~they lay where they wish
we find eggs all over around the place~the flowerbeds~under the kids play center~the recycle box!
but mostly they go and lay back in the coop
the kids love collecting eggs~my 11 year old son is a chicken whisperer
this was our breaky this morning
it was rather tasty!
we have had eggs for breaky almost every day this past week~
at some point I will NOT want eggs for breaky for a while
but when baking my recipes usually call for eggs
or we can sell some as well

Monday 17 March 2014

~Lemon Verbena~

Today I did some laundry with Mrs. Meyer's Lemon Verbena laundry soap
with the lovely smell of that stuff how can doing laundry be a chore?
(well, we all know it is-but this stuff makes it WAY more enjoyable!)
I have used Mrs. Meyer's Lavender laundry soap as well and I think these products are wonderful!
~So fragrant~aromatherapeutic is right!~
So we are just weeks away from Country Sampler's Prairie Style magazine coming out
and I don't know about you, but I am SURE excited!
Can't wait to see it! 

My laundry room here will be in the issue!
Styled a little differently of course!

I kind of forgot about this old iron board~so I thought I would give it some attention today!
NOT that I was actually ironing! LOL  I just thought I would take a couple nice photos of it!

Love vintage linens.
There is something so comforting about them I find.

Well, I am not here in blogland all that often.
As some of you know I have a facebook page that I am usually posting on and
I am now heading towards 10,000 fans! Fun Fun Fun!
Now the only thing left to do is get myself an INSTAGRAM account!
Have you seen some of those photos!? WOW!
Hope all is well!


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