Saturday 12 January 2013

The Pioneer Woman's ~Perfect Potato Soup!

After seeing a recipe for PERFECT POTATO SOUP here at The Pioneer Woman I just had to make some today! Now I didn't follow it 'exactly' I tweeked it a tiny bit-but it turned out fantastic!  :

Friday 11 January 2013

Would duct tape really work?

The reason why we wanted  a new dishwasher in the first place was because we thought this one (above), our  Fisher & Paykel dish drawer system was near the end of it's 8 year run. (Or so we thought!) It hadn't been working well in months! Mind you we hadn't changed our water filters or added salt to the softener in a while but didn't think that had anything to do with it. It must be a pump going? It was leaving a gross sandy film on the dishes. It is no longer under extended warranty. I ran vinegar through it, I ran dishwasher cleaner through it, I took it apart and cleaned what I could. It was still not cleaning the dishes properly. So we went to town!  I was interested in a Bosch- the one like this but *WITHOUT* the digital panel! Between the saleswoman and my hubs I was talked into this model - IT WAS ON  SALE! It was a higher end model than the one without the panel and it was $400. cheaper because of the great sale!! Who wouldn't agree to that  right? So, we ordered it and paid for it!  
(sorry for the un-sightly un-staged pics)
The hubs joked about how I could use the old one as a file cabinet!   He decided to get his jobs done and change the filters & add the salt to the softener. He pulled out the dishwasher, checked the hoses AND we decided to change the detergent for a cycle or 2 to see if it made a difference since  the saleswoman at the store told us we needed   to purchase the detergent recommended for our 'new' washer. AND GUESS WHAT!? It started working better than ever! Shiny clean dishes! It was like a beam of light shining in your face even the stainless bottom looked like it was in original state! Was it the new detergent?  I think so! but it could have been a combination of everything-either way-I now had 2 working dishwashers! We talked about selling the old one but I LOVE it with all my heart & love the  idea of having 2! We are a family of 7, we have 2 sets of  much needed washer/dryers why not 2 dishwashers!? 
(teen son in above pic)
  So  we decided one unit would stay out and one he would hide behind the cupboard doors on the other side of the sink. This one has a handle so it took the spot of our old one. It is going to take some work for him to set up the drain underneath for 2 washers  and for him to install it so I will have to post later pics. I was VERY disappointed when I first took a look at this one here. I actually almost cried! I left the room! I DESPISED the digital panel just like I suspected I would but more so once I saw it in my kitchen! My husband was a little upset with me and honestly for good reason! He said he would put DUCT TAPE over the panel if I wished! ....hmmm would that really work?? To tell you the truth I'm getting used to it and I guess I should put focus elsewhere and just be thankful!


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