Friday 25 March 2016

First Signs of Spring

For me, the first 2 tell-tale signs of spring are oh so pretty colorful spring flowers and of course, rubber boots!
All those vibrant colors are sure a sight for sore eyes!
Oooh a lovely dose of purple YES PLEASE!
After those dreary winter months it is so refreshing to bring some LIFE & COLOR it into our homes.

I most recently found 4 white slipcovered HENRIKSDAL chairs from IKEA on kijiji for $15. ea ($60 total)
I knew it was a deal but when I checked the website and saw that they are 89.99 plus 13% tax ($101.68 ea or $406.75 total)
A savings of $346.75 because I chose to buy used.
They were very gently used in fact the girl told me they came with the house she just purchased and they were used for staging while the house was for sale. basically brand new! YIPPEEEEE!!!
So I will attempt some linen slipcovers in the future.
Even though it looks clean and crisp to just have the original white covers,
I threw a couple german grain sacks overtop for WOW factor. (and it will help keep the kids from mucking them up!)

I also recently purchased another gorgeous antique french linen sheet from etsy.
I LOVE the ecru natural coloring!
again....LOVE IT!
Who doesn't love antique textiles?? YUMMY!
 Yesterday my husband and I stopped in at an amazing antique shop in Hamilton, Ontario called Tattered &Torn owned by my friend Kim Davies. (who was the stylist for my Prairie Style magazine feature!) I purchased 2 wonderfully aged ironstone platters, 2 fabulous blue striped grainsacks, 2 french soaps and this SPRING copy of Jeanne d'Arc Living magazine. Kim hosts the A Day In The Country Show & Sale at her place in Caledonia in May & November. GOOD JUNQUE!!  check out her site HERE
and YES....I know I came late to the game but I FINALLY got myself a pair of HUNTER rubber boots!
I originally bought the new soft top version but I just didn't 'test drive' them enough in the store and once I wore them around the house for a while before leaving for town the next morning I realized they buckled and hurt the back of my leg so I went back and exchanged for a smaller size and had to go with this style which is certainly fine with me! THEY ARE SO COMFORTABLE!


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