Friday 24 July 2015

Fresh picked blueberries~and an important message.

I watched a video yesterday morning about the last 3 generations, asking them what they did for fun as a kid. This last generation of kids answered the question and it was shocking, scary really. It actually made me cry. This young generation of kids are NOT playing outside for fun like all previous generations. Instead the play on video games, tablets, cell phones, watch TV and we are letting it happen. You can watch that video here.

So right after watching it I thought to myself, "that's it!" One of the women in the video mentioned that she picked blueberries as a kid so I thought that was a great idea. "KIDS! GET READY WE ARE GOING OUT FOR A WHILE!" I can't believe I had never taken them before especially since there is a blueberry farm just a couple roads over from us! So off we went!
The kids actually had a pretty good time. Only a couple arguments, complaints and the 2 youngest quit early and played over in the shade until we were done. I didn't mind, it WAS a little hot out. 

Seriously, Mom? Did you just take my picture?  You know I've walked into the room before to see all 4 of my youngest sitting around on an electronic device and I laugh to myself, but its actually not a laughing matter. I have to change things up a bit!

We picked 17.5 lbs. of berries! Which is great. We love them alone, in pancakes, muffins and smoothies!

This morning we made gluten free lemon blueberry muffins. I got the recipe from pinterest. You can see it here.

And of course I had a great little helper! I try to get my kids to help out in the kitchen here and there but I think I should be doing it even more! HECK! maybe I won't have to cook or bake on my own ever again!? Wonder if at all!? pft yeah right!

Cooking & baking are definitely skills that kids need to learn and IT CAN BE FUN! No, it's not the same as playing outside but at least it gets them OFF their electronics!

In case you'd like to know, I changed up the recipe a bit. I used 3/4 c. honey instead of the 1 c. of sugar and I added 1 tsp. of xanthan gum to the mix. Here is the flour I used as well.
I am really glad we went yesterday for another FANTASTIC reason. My 12 & 13 year olds got themselves a JOB there! YUP! That's right! They are there right now picking away and earning themselves MONEY! No video games, tablets, or TV right now NO they are working in the field! Does that sound a little more like what the last few generations did? YUP! They were so excited to go to work this morning! Let's see how excited they are tomorrow. ;)  


How do you feel about today's generation, the difference between what they are doing for fun compared to what the rest of us did as kids, and all this technology at their fingertips? Do you get your kids to help out in the kitchen?
Some of you may not agree but I think BUTTER makes everything taste better. This one 'was' mine and boy oh boy! MMMM SOOO GOOOD!  Next up....TIME IN THE POOL!!  Have a great day friends! ~Mel


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