Sunday 11 May 2014

My Wall Cupboard finally up for Mothers Day!

For Mothers Day the hubs FINALLY got around to cutting down the depth of the wall cupboard we purchased last year. I had only just recently decided where I wanted it hung and have bugged him to get it done! It wasnt going to fit properly in that spot the way that it was so some cuts were made.  I wanted something to hold my baking goods and spices close to the prep area and stove. I am quite happy with the end result! I guess him finally getting it up for me made up for the fact that 'HE' slept in this morning and that 'I' made my own breakfast on this Mothers Day! LOL!! So he's off the hook! I hope all you Moms had a terrific Mothers Day!!~Mel

Thursday 8 May 2014

~Lavender Topiaries~

I was so happy to find these lavender topiaries at WALMART today!!
Even more excited to see they were only 7.88 each! plus 13% tax of course!
Well that's the price at the Walmart here in Canada anyways.
I missed getting any last year because they sold so FAST!
And I could see how fast they were flying off the skids today too!

                         I can tell you that these cats better stay away if they know what's good for them!
                                                  They like plants! They chew them up!
                                 I have a hard enough time keeping plants alive as it is! lol

Wednesday 7 May 2014


                                               Ah Just showing off a little prettiness!
                                               I am just loving my new grain sack! It's pretty!
                                                And then there is my youngest!
                                                  Well now that is prettiness! ;)
                                                Cute as a button with a little sass!
                                                    She loves posing for pictures!
                                                     And then there's her hair!
                                                 Her hair that is noticed everywhere we go!
                                               The sun shines through it so beautifully
                         She still doesn't want anyone to cut hair~she said she will wait a while

                            Our plan is to one day donate it, until then we can enjoy the prettiness.

Monday 5 May 2014

Song of a Sparrow~natural soaps

We are really enjoying our all natural handmade soaps & washcloth from Song of a Sparrow! With 5 kids at home we prefer using natural products and these soaps are AMAZING! Elisa also sells some of her beautiful nature photography taken in the mountains of Southern California.
                                                 ~Pure Lavender Mountain Soap~
 ~Song of a Sparrow~ Handmade soaps are all natural, vegetable-based, made high up in the crisp mountain air of Lake Arrowhead, California using the cold process method. Made with olive, palm, and coconut oils, including cocoa butter to make for a more moisturizing soap and it's got a creamy and bubbly lather. These soaps are great for the body and face, and mild enough for sensitive skin. And pretty hand-knit washcloths made of a soft, fluffy all-cotton yarn to go with the soaps.

                                                              ~Honey, Oats & Milk~

                                            ~hand-knit washcloths made of a soft, fluffy all-cotton yarn~
I love these soaps for my family!
                                                              ~Rosemary Mint Bliss~

~Lemon Cake Soap~
do you know how hard it is to NOT take a bite of this?
I am providing links to Elisa's sites.
Why don't you go check them out for yourself!

A Day In The Country~May 2014

Twice a year (May & November) Kim & Dan Davies from host the 'A Day In The Country' sale in their barn. There are multiple vendors selling an eclectic combination of antique, reproductions, Collectibles and home decor!  

I purchased this german grain sack from 1895. LOVE!

I also purchased this Farmhouse Pantry candle. mmmmmm
It was from Christine's booth~The Primitive Heart.
It's also known as 1871 Farmhouse on facebook & blog.
I also purchased this old butter knife stamped HERBS to be used as a plant marker for my potted herbs.
This is ME, my cyber pal JANE from I was so happy to FINALLY meet in person!)
and the lovely Kim
(Kim was the stylist for the Prairie Style shoot!)
This is The Primitive Heart booth pictured here
sorry, it was always so full I couldn't get a good shot!
(Christine from
There she is in the center
Doesn't she look so cute with that hat!? 

stack of old linens dwindling down
and Jeanne d'Arc Living books

There is never a shortage of grain sack upholstered furniture at these sales~

There is Jane taking some photos of her own!

These are linen grain sacks and linen nighties.
Reminds me of Little House on the Prairie!
I am definitely planning on getting one of those soon!

~Magnolia Pearl~

This is Daryl McMahon and his wifes booth.
They do unbelievable work when it comes to reproduction furniture and decor.
I don't know how they do it!
Check out Daryl's blog and see for yourself.

There are so many more photos, if you would like to check out more photos from this sale
go to my facebook page~I have a separate album for this sale.


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