Thursday 30 January 2014

An Amazing Day!

Today was Day 1 of the photo shoot
and it was AMAZING!
I cannot believe how thrilled I am!
These gals were amazing!
This is Kim from
She is the stylist that works with the photographer.
She changed things up and styled in ways I would not have thought to,
which was GREAT!
She is just fantabulous!
And isn't she the cutest!?
(pecan butter tarts may disappear with her around!) ;)

I was STUNNED when I saw each and every photo!
I could not believe the difference between
Robin's and my own.
Made mine look like DIRT!
no really! I was astonished!
You can see some of Robin's work here
 I learned a few things today.
one being,
No really I learned that this is a hard job
it takes a lot of work & concentration
on the photographers part.
These gals work long days trying to make our homes look amazing!
Tomorrow is round 2!
So excited!

Tuesday 7 January 2014

Both Good & Bad News

 I received some good & bad news all in one yesterday! First the bad.......
because we are hoping to sell our home, Country Sampler does not want to feature our house at this time. BECAUSE it would be ONE YEAR from the actual SHOOT until the FEATURE and the magazine doesn't feel comfortable selling a story that may no longer be true when published or at least that's what I understand from the information I was given.
But then the GOOD NEWS!.......  I was shaking! I thought someone please pinch me!

I found out  'someone' wanted to feature my home VERY SOON!
and by very soon I mean we're doing a shoot in.......... 3 weeks!!!!! for an issue on newsstands THIS MAY!!
I was overwhelmed with all that info all at once!
So I spent some time browsing through some magazines for inspiration.......... and therapy!
(the wine was therapy too! heehee)
 I actually had a chance to correspond with this 'someone' by e-mail today and she loved this photo of my kitten in the tub so much that she mentioned she would like a photo of ALL my kitties in the tub~for the issue of course!
So of course I took this one for her!
I hope when we do the actual SHOOT that the kitties will cooperate!
The last couple days have been a FREEZING BLIZZARD where we are and it sure makes it hard to think of a 'SPRING' photo shoot!
I am in need of ideas of how to infuse more color without compromising the SIMPLE look.
I always love greens & blues! wish I had more actual blue or green pieces like side tables and what not-maybe I will search for some.
For the next while I will be in search of great ideas & inspiration! Please don't hesitate to share your thoughts and ideas! Until next time.........


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