Tuesday 7 January 2014

Both Good & Bad News

 I received some good & bad news all in one yesterday! First the bad.......
because we are hoping to sell our home, Country Sampler does not want to feature our house at this time. BECAUSE it would be ONE YEAR from the actual SHOOT until the FEATURE and the magazine doesn't feel comfortable selling a story that may no longer be true when published or at least that's what I understand from the information I was given.
But then the GOOD NEWS!.......  I was shaking! I thought someone please pinch me!

I found out  'someone' wanted to feature my home VERY SOON!
and by very soon I mean we're doing a shoot in.......... 3 weeks!!!!! for an issue on newsstands THIS MAY!!
I was overwhelmed with all that info all at once!
So I spent some time browsing through some magazines for inspiration.......... and therapy!
(the wine was therapy too! heehee)
 I actually had a chance to correspond with this 'someone' by e-mail today and she loved this photo of my kitten in the tub so much that she mentioned she would like a photo of ALL my kitties in the tub~for the issue of course!
So of course I took this one for her!
I hope when we do the actual SHOOT that the kitties will cooperate!
The last couple days have been a FREEZING BLIZZARD where we are and it sure makes it hard to think of a 'SPRING' photo shoot!
I am in need of ideas of how to infuse more color without compromising the SIMPLE look.
I always love greens & blues! wish I had more actual blue or green pieces like side tables and what not-maybe I will search for some.
For the next while I will be in search of great ideas & inspiration! Please don't hesitate to share your thoughts and ideas! Until next time.........


  1. That's great news Mel. . . your head must be spinning. I just read a blog today from the cover of this months country Living magazine and she said they showed up with all kinds of props and *stand ins* to use in the shoot. I wouldn't stress too much, they must like what they see or they wouldn't have contacted you.

    I'm glad the date was pushed up. . . less time to wait. . .

    Cute cattins BTW. . . :) d

    My blog is still limpin along, stop by if you have a chance. 7grands.blogspot.com (real simple style)

  2. So happy for you Melanie...your home is so deserving of it!! Gosh I don't know how you will add colour..flowers I guess..maybe a stack of fabric..no matter what you do it will be lovely that's for sure!! I adore the photo with the kitties..so cute! Is this winter not the worst ever...I have been on crutches for a month cause I fell and chipped the bones in my foot...boohoo! xo

  3. Wonderful....love your home and style! Please keep us informed........Blessings~~~Roxie

  4. omg !!! so excited, LOVE your home.......how to infuse color, well...some flowers, grain sacks, aprons, pillows, get some wooden totes, boxes etc and paint, distress and prim them up yourself for a bit of color, oh yes, antique hooked rugs with faded soft colors would be awesome on the wall or floor, YES an antique hooked rug or rugs!!! or maybe an old faded quilt...oh yes...keep us informed, can't wait !!!!

  5. Congratulations Melanie ... old sayings have basis in fact. When one door closes, another opens.

    Now getting cleaning .. you only have 3 weeks :-)


  6. That's so exciting; I love your home and blog; so much inspiration and ideas--I love it when I see you've posted--can't wait to look at your photos. Congratulations!

  7. How wonderful.. one door closes, another always opens!

  8. No input from me; your home is a showplace and I am a bit sad you are looking to sell. The kitties in the tub are a beautiful photo!

  9. Hi Melanie!
    CONGRATS! on the magazine ~
    Our farmhouse was featured in the Christmas issue of Country Sampler this year ~
    can't wait to see what you do and how you'll decorate ~ i am a magazine & blog addict!!!
    We're beginning the renovating our old farmhouse at the moment too, stop on over and visit to see our WIP ~
    Lori from Notforgotten Farm

  10. Your cats are so precious, I just adore that photo of them in the bucket. How exciting for you!

  11. Oh I just LOVE the pictures of you cats! How nice!
    You have a lovely home...just beautiful...
    Take care!

  12. Your house is just beautiful. I don't know why it would matter whether you sold your house or not to feature it, besides a house can change in a year anyways. Congrats on the other feature.

  13. Your Home is Beautiful! So exciting to be published...a few years ago we were a cover story "A Back Yard Country Wedding" in Somerset Life. It was so much fun seeing my wedding featured. Blessings to you and A Happy New Year! So happy to have found your blog & we are your newest followers!

    Celia & Glad xox

  14. I just found you on blog lovin' Oh, I just love your beautiful home and kitties. I look forward to seeing more.

  15. beautiful photos & cats! Congratulations on having your home featured.

  16. Mel,
    I just found your blog and fell in love....I have been reading all the way back for the last two days. Not getting any work done. I love your style of writing and in your home. I had my gardens in A Primitive Place a few years back and understand the stressing, but remember they want to feature it because of what they have seen on the blog. It would be perfect "AS IS". Relax. I am your newest follower here and on Pinterest. You are better then a new magazine in the mail!!

  17. It's alright. This house is bound to be in buyers' crosshairs at some point, because it looks amazing! Besides, there are lots of other bulletins and mechanisms with which to position your real estate in the most lucrative, slam dunk manner.

    Blair @ Creb Now

  18. That is SO exciting Melanie!! I have to say that it was bound to happen that someone else would want to photograph your home, it is just BEAUTIFUL and PERFECT!! I love it so much because I think you have the perfect balance between rustic with some great feminine touches, and that's exactly what I want in my home☺ Thanks for your beautiful inspiration--♥Angie

  19. I LoVe it just the way it is ! Prim perfect ! I must see if I can still get the Christmas issue of Country Sampler magazine, as I LoVe the blog from Lori @ Notforgotten Farm also. M.

  20. Wish I lived closer, i'd buy your home! Are you thinking of listing this year?

  21. Random thought but what is the color of your living room? I LOVE it!

    1. Hi Kassie,
      the color in my living room is SICO portobello. it's a great color! sometimes has that gray look or a clay beige look. :D



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