Sunday 3 November 2013

On My 41st

Today is my 41st birthday. There I said it! BLAH!
It is also daylight savings so I get a whole other HOUR of it!
And apparently there was also a solar eclipse today!
I am spending it in comfy clothes just lazing around!
I figured it would be best if my birthday passed by quiet as a mouse
BUT........ when I got some pretty flowers & chocolate from the hubs,
and my wonderful home made birthday cards from the kids,
AND my teenage son offered to cook me breakfast
I realized celebrating my 41st maybe wasn't such a bad idea after all! ;)
I had some bacon & fresh eggs from the coop for breaky! 

Just a peek around the house

So happy for LAZY DAYS!
Hope you are all enjoying your Sunday! 


  1. Happy Birthday! 41 isn't so bad, I just hit that number myself :) Hope it's a good one!

    PS - Love your decorating style too :)

  2. Happy Birthday to you! In my book 41 is way young... Blessings!

  3. Happy Birthday Melanie! I really enjoy visiting your blog.

  4. Happy Birthday~! It sounds like you have had a very good day.

  5. Happy Birthday to you! And I mean HAPPY because life is good at 41!! The pictures around your home are pretty and cozy and I hope that's how your day was!


  6. Happy Birthday!!! I loved being in my 40's, but not so sure about the 50's. So glad you had a good day.

  7. Happy Birthday Mel, you had me at farm fresh eggs. . . any day would be a good day when you start it that way. . .

  8. what a beautiful birthday message and gorgeous displays of country lusciousness!...
    Bec x

  9. Oh the cats are so beautiful!! Where is the other kitten? Happy belated birthday too. As always, the house is simply gorgeous!

  10. Happy Birthday!

    I can barely recall being 41. Enjoy each day with those sweet kitties, your loving family and the beauty surrounding you.

  11. Happy Birthday...I just had my birthday last week....57, yikes !!!!!!

  12. Hi Melanie - just stumbled upon your beautiful blog. You have such a lovely home and I can't say enough about those gorgeous cats. Hello Kitty is the sweetest one I've ever seen. I'm going to enjoy looking at some of your older posts. "Happy Birthday." Oh, to be 41 again. :)

  13. HAPPY BIRTHDAY from Finland!!♥

    Beautiful blog!!

  14. Hey Mel....Happy BIrthday darling,your photos are so pretty!! Are you going to KIms barn sale,i am going on the Sunday,let me know if your going to be there ok..xooxo

  15. Happy belated birthday. Looks like you had a great day just doing what you please. Love the snuggling kitties!

  16. Happy belated Birthday! I have just found your blog and am delighted by all I see. Such eye candy! I love your style. Glad your birthday was such a nice one. :o)

    I would like to invite you to visit my blog when you have time.




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