Thursday, 11 April 2013

SLOWLY making some changes.......

We are slowly making some changes in the kids rooms.
Two of our boys (10 & 6) had been sharing a room-
but now the older of the two is heading down to the spare room. 
He will be taking the bunkbeds & dresser with him so we purchased this 
OLD PINE CUPBOARD and an OLD ROPE BED for our youngest.

 I LOVE the warm wood hues for a boys room-but I will be trying to keep it as light as possible with the walls and decor. Greyish walls with grey & denim bedding, ticking and grain sack throw pillows! Going for that prim look., but a newer- fresher prim look! Can't wait till it's finished!

 We will have to figure out how to make this 3/4 rope bed work-but in the end it will be NICE!

The girls room is proving to be a challenge!
I am toning down the ruffles and ridding of the pink!
And have to figure out how to add some warmth to this room-so it's not so washed out.
Have you ever tried to pick the perfect off-white wall color!?
And each room is different because of lighting so it is VERY difficult!
I will bring some more large sample chips home from our local Benjamin Moore dealer and see if that helps.

These antique baby dresses will be hanging up soon by the pegboard my hubby & I are making.........

My inspiration for the room?
white primitive
rustic farmhouse style
romantic prairie style



  1. Love that bed! You can get a 3/4 mattress made for it. But sheets will be the challenge.

    Good luck at BM!

  2. On another note: do you know if there is a Day in the Country sale this spring? Or any other barn-type sale going on in the region?

    1. Why YES there is!! May 4th & 5th! Christine from 1871 Farmhouse posted about it-she is one of the vendors. Can't wait!!! I am planning to go on the Saturday-I like to go EARLY! so try to make it if you can-I'd like to meet in person! ;)

  3. Can't wait to see that bed all put together!

  4. Everything you do and créate is inspiringly amazing, I am sure the paint colour you pick will suite each room with beautiful flow. I adore your rustic shaker farmhouse feel with the inspiration of it being cottage at the same time perfectly perfect.

    Come visit a simple inspiring look at my place, see you soon.

    Keep inspiring, can not wait for the reveal....


  5. i had my rope bed sides made longer.......didnt cost that much and now my double mattress fits on it :)

  6. I have a rope bed about that size, and the lady I bought it from used a futon mattress and it fits almost perfect. For sheets, I either use a flat sheet and just tuck it in or use a full fitted and do some tucking also.

  7. Beautiful changes! I love the rope bed, very handsome. Your bedding and the cabinet also fits the style of your wonderful home. I love it all!


  8. You find the best cupboards Mel, I love that one! I would try "Linen" by Benjamin Moore. My sister just bought a new house and I painted every room the same "Linen" color for her. To me it is the perfect off white. It doesn't go too gray or too yellow and looks creamy white no matter what light hits it.

  9. our 14 year old and 8 year old have been sharing a room and they recently split into separate rooms. I'm on the lookout for good room re-do ideas for both of them. Stumbled upon your blog from another blogroll... I'll be adding you to my BlogLovin' feed :)

  10. Those wood pieces are great and are going to look really good with the greys, denim and sturdy fabrics.

  11. Your cabinet is a great piece have you ever tried Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint it is a great product and it would be such a complement to your cabinet as well as your wood bed frame, it will just make the paint look as if it's had been there for years you should give it a try & and I can't wait to see your updates love your blog & thanks for sharing

  12. It's always so much fun to start on a whole room makeover isn't it. Looks like you have some great bones for each of the boys room. Looking forward to seeing what you do with them.

  13. I always love seeing pictures of your gorgeous home! I'm sure your rooms will turn out great!

  14. Love the inspiration piece! I'm sure your cupboard would be perfect! Good luck!

    1. Thanks! sorry for late reply! I am usually on fb or pinterest! (spending too much time there as well!) ;)

  15. I have just discovered your blog and I love your decorating style. It is so enjoyable finding inspiration for decorating ideas. I am your newest follower and I would love to invite you to follow me back.
    When I read that you have 35 areas with apple orchards, I could just imagine how lovely that must be when your orchard is all in bloom. It must be very close to heaven :)
    Your newest blogging sister, Connie :)

  16. Saw a pink room from your blog on pinterest but can't find it here. Can you help? Looking for the name of the pink paint color for my daughter's room. Thanks in advance! _Dawn



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