Sunday, 3 March 2013

Cozy Corner & some down-time!

 A cozy corner of our living room. A great place to flip through a book or magazine. My thrift store wingback chair is slipcovered in white linen.
Unfortunately, this spot is often already occupied!

Here is another corner in our home-this time in the kitchen-it may not be cozy but it is cute!

and another corner- full of stuff-cant wait till spring! bring in some fresh colorful flowers!

I would like to thank  you all for being patient with me. I swear I am not in the witness protection program(LOL)  I have been taking a little time to myself for reflection, health issues, then my back was out for 10 days, and we lost 3 family members within 2 weeks- brutal! I am on the mend physically and still trying emotionally! I know we all have times like this and all we can do is support eachother.  I have received so many warm messages that really boost my spirits! Take great care all! ~Mel


  1. Beautiful photos! Hope you continue to heal!

  2. Your home is cozy and liveable...not just for show and I love that. My heart goes out to you -- it seems like when bad things happen, they really issues and too many deaths too close together. That can really wipe you out emotionally and physically. Sending warm thought and comfort to you at a very difficult time. xo

  3. I'm so sorry for all of your loses and then your health issues. I hope you are on the mend. It's hard to post happy thoughts when they are the farthest from your mind.

    Your little corner looks super comfy, I can see why your kitty likes to curl up there, I would, too! Did you make the slipcover? I love it. And I really want that kitchen scale! I have been looking for just the right one, hopefully I'll find it soon.

    Hope you're having a great weekend, Melanie!


  4. Lovely post. I am sorry for your loss. Take your time and I pray for your healing.
    The photos here are marvelous! A hug for you!

  5. I think your home is very cozy. So sorry about your losses and your health issues. Make sure to get some time of your own and some rest you really need that to heal. (((((HUGS))))) I really like how your cat matches your color scheme.

  6. Oh dear, sorry to hear you've been going through such a rough time. Hopefully the spring sun will help clear your head and your heart.

  7. I'm sorry you've been going through such a rough time. I hope things are looking up soon! Thanks for saying "hello" and sharing photos of your beautiful home with us!

  8. A beautiful place to rest your heart, take care my sweet friend, trust that God heals hearts and your health. Many prayers to you and your family loss.
    I feel that your French farmhouse will greet and welcome all, sending you possative thoughts for your health, rest and pamper yourself inspiring your soul.

    Your beautiful home inspires, I could so move my homes designs right in on yours with a blend to love.
    Love your style.

    Ps. Come visit my French garden post.

  9. Hi Mel...I'm sorry to hear about your family's losses...take time to heal and renew your mind.
    Your cozy corner is so perfect! And I love your farmhouse kitchen in your last post!! Love the wood tones with the whites...and farm sink, and sink skirt...boy, we have a lot in common with our styles, don't we!! I really love your herb pots hanging, so cool!
    Will be keeping up with you :)

  10. Oh, I hope you have a calm week--you've sure had some blows. I love your cozy corner. I could cuddle in that with a good book!

  11. I'm a new follower and I love- love- your home decor! Your farmhouse style is so perfect! I'm sorry to hear of your struggles and I will keep you in prayer.
    Take Care!

  12. Take care of yourself! Cozy up in that corner and read a book with a cup of hot tea :)

  13. I am a new follower - love your style.

  14. Sorry to hear of the loses in your family. Wishing you a better week ahead. Take care of yourself.

  15. Oh Mel, I'm sorry to hear about your health troubles and your losses. I hope you take care of yourself.

    Your home is so lovely, (beautiful cat!) and I look forward to seeing more of your posts. I'm a new follower now.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog. You are only down the road from me, I'm in Mount Pleasant. Next time Heather & I get together (it is a plan) we would love to meet up with you at the Market.
    Debbie :)

  16. I just love your house! The colors are so wonderful and calming. Decorated so well! Also, I love that scale!! I am keeping my eye out for one!
    Come stop by my blog for a giveaway!!

  17. Glad to hear your doing ok and thanks for the post your home is so amazing and "Cozy" I am looking for some those chair's around your coffee table for my table the grand-kids will love them ..... Thanks for sharing

  18. Looks like a perfect spot to read a good book in! I love to find a great reading spot too...we try to have reading lamps everywhere because the four of us are readers. Great photos and ensembles too. Thanks for following...following you back! :)

  19. I love this. We have recently moved into a house on a little island (connected to the mainland by a 2 mile causeway) I love the way the shades look with the curtains in your living room windows.

  20. I love your slipcovers!! We are searching for some for our couches - where did you get yours?



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