Saturday 13 July 2013


I love finding beauty in ordinary objects that would normally be considered JUNK. This rabbit feeder turned soap dish is...well, I think it's just so damn cute! I think it adds that RUSTIC FARMHOUSE touch to our TINY washroom. We call it our 'airplane' washroom.
 Here are some tiny bottles I rescued from an old dump. WHY? were they ever thrown away????
In a time where there seems to be WAY too much waste~I think we should all reduce, reuse, recycle and RE-PURPOSE!


  1. Hi Melanie.....I'm a italian girl....You live in a wonderfull place...I love your blog....if you wont meet me in my blog, I'll very happy....kiss!
    A nice day!

  2. What a cute idea for a soap have a great imagination! I have a small bathroom, too, I try to keep things small in size...your bottles are perfect!


  3. I agree in re-use, re-purpose!! Lovely bottles. Glad you gave them a home. They look like antigue or vintage. Beautiful.

  4. Love the charming details. Great re-purpose!


  5. Love this idea for the soap dish. I have an old chicken feeder at my booth in Waterford that I want to repurpose. If it doesn't sell before the end of the summer, it's coming home and becoming a bird feeder in my yard. We also have a grain scoop that needs turning into a candleholder - but my hubbie doesn't want to change it. Guess he has to has something.

    And you're right about those old bottles. Why would someone throw them out?

  6. Where do you find these things???!!! How magnificent. I'm in a super old house and it looks super old on the inside too. But not cute like your home. I'm in a tizzy on how to update and still be reasonably priced to do so. Quite honestly, I'm stumped! Wish you were close by and could come point me in the right direction!

  7. LOVE your rabbit feeder turned soap disH!! Usually see them outside with flowers but this is NICE!! Your home is beautiful! From one sweetie to another~~~Roxie



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