Monday, 27 April 2015

My Farmhouse Style Giveaway goes to.........

Thank you EVERYONE who entered for my giveaway!
And thank you to everyone who has been with me for a while or has just recently joined my journey. I appreciate all of you. As I mentioned I will be spending less time on line for the next while and putting my energy where its really needed. Every now and then you need to check in with yourself and your loved ones and prioritize. As a Mom of 5 kids, 5 pets and a husband! I need to start taking better care of myself. I want to spend time outside and encourage my children to do the same! With all this technology at your fingers we seem to disconnect from many things. There may be big changes in our future and we need to focus on how we will deal with it as a family. I'm sure you have all had times in your life when you need to do the same thing and I wish you well on your own journey!! SO!!!!! ......At long last the winner of my giveaway is....PATTI HANKINSON!!! Patti, on the right sidebar of my blog you will notice a contact form please fill that out along with your address so I can mail you a copy of LANDHAUS LIVING magazine featuring my home and the awesome grain sack apron I made!

Thank you all again and be well everyone! 
Until next time, 


  1. You will be missed!

    I had family here for 3 days and did not look at any blogs - and I survived!

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Patti! If you could fill out the contact form on side by of my blog OR send me a message on facebook letting me know your mailing address I can send this package off to you! Thanks so much! ~Mel

    2. Hi Melanie!! I sent a message the other day but it musn't have gone through..will try again!! Thank you!!

    3. I sent you a message on wednesday with my address info..hope everything is ok!!

    4. Ok Patti! I'm going to mail that out for you today and will email you the tracking number! :) ~Mel

  3. Congrats to the lucky winner! Hope this time off will be just what you needed. Don't stay away too long though. You'll be missed!



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