Wednesday 1 April 2015

Pretty Pastel Easter Eggs

Every Easter, I gather the kids to dye some eggs.
I LOVE the pretty pastels! 

 We've tried natural dyes, craft paints, made chalk paint dye and this year we used just regular old food coloring.

Most of the time I hard boil eggs-which the kids love-cuz they get to eat a lot of them!
But this year I found these plastic egg kits at Walmart for $2.00 ea.  (Canadian!)
They are so cute! 

So the kids had some craft time-well, they mostly competed over who did a better job of course!
I love craft time! It usually means Mommy gets to take some pretty home decor photos afterwards!
But overall they had fun and a few laughs!
I will go back to the regular hard boiling next year and we can add these ones into the mix for an even bigger bowl full!

Do you dye eggs every Easter?



  1. So pretty and fun! I'm dying to get my eggs done soon! ;)

  2. That brought back some wonderful memories, we always used to dye eggs when the girls were little. They are now all grown up and have families of their own. Easter blessings.

  3. So soft and your rustic beauty will be the beautiful backdrop for Easter.


    Happy Easter

  4. Such pretty colors! Love the egg kit...great idea! Happy Easter!

  5. Wish I had found those before I ordered wooden ones from Amazon. Oh Well, live and learn.



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