Monday 27 August 2012

The Value of a Moment

Last year as I watched the kids waiting for the bus, I noticed my daughter was in her own little world just dancing away. She looked so beautiful! As I watched her gracefully twirling around, the bright morning sun was shining on her- I couldn't let that moment slip by without trying to snap a photo of it and I'm so glad I did. Unfortunately, as time goes by we seem to forget important details and most importantly  how a moment 'made us feel'  -but if you're lucky enough to catch it in a pic it actually helps you remember the feeling you had 'at that moment'. #oneofmymommymoments


  1. Moments like that are priceless and so fleeting. Enjoy.

    1. thank you! In our hectic family life I do try to enjoy the simple pleasures! :)

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