Saturday 25 August 2012

Comforts of Home

medicine cabinet

my trip to A Day in the Country Show & Sale

goodies from Kim Davies/ tatteredandtorn

My T

stenciled 5 minute cushions

the wingback I slipcovered-that tested my sanity!

another dilemma! what to do with this headboard!?

my 'office' area


  1. Melanie.....I have no words...your home is 2die4......oh boy you and I are cut from the same cloth.....(most likely a grain sack) hahaha.......where are you exactly...we are in stinky Hamilton ,John sells his furniture to housewarmings in Oakville. Do you know it? Love,love ,love your should make them bigger! Xo

    1. LOL! THANKS so much! I try hard to make our house a HOME-it is SO hard with these kids-I JUST kicked them OUT of my livingroom again-found green marker on my white pillow case!! grr! and speaking of grain sacks...I WANT more! I am about 5 minute drive from Port Dover! I'm not familiar with housewarmings but will google it! and thanks yes I will try to make the pics larger-not familiar with blogging-I'm a newbie! LOL

    2. did you see my kitchen post? I wish I knew my way around this blog-some blogs you can scroll down a long ways?? better spend some time figuring things out :/

  2. Hi! I came across one of your photos on Pinterest and I'm so glad I decided to click through! I'm also in Ontario and it's so fun to find other Ontario bloggers. Love your home!

    1. Hi Ashley! thanks for stopping by! yes! LOVE 'meeting' other Ontario gals! hope you enjoy! :)

  3. I think you have a lovely family and a wonderful home! I would like to see more and therefore I enscribed as a reader :).



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