Monday 8 February 2016

My Neutral Palette

Hi friends,

Just thought I would share a few pretty photos with you.
the photo above is the fieldstone basement
of the house we are hoping to purchase soon.
(still working on it-there is a tenant involved yet-so it's all moving at a snails pace for me right now)

I am very frustrated living here in our temporary rental home.
I can't do a thing in it.
A lot of my décor is packed in boxes.
We moved from a 3 story home to a 2 story
which has not been fun at all!!
A whole extra floors worth of stuff has been packed in boxes and surrounding us!

I suspect I will soon be contacted by the producers of the show HOARDERS!

Well, it's not THAT BAD! Maybe I'm just going a tad bit crazy with the whole ordeal?!
Leaving our home and farm was very hard for us and we are still trying to get a sense of normalcy.

I have found that staging a room is like cheap 'therapy' for me.
I've been doing it for a few years now, heck I've been doing it for MANY YEARS really!  

As long as I can do a little staging it helps me somehow? HEY! I know I'm not the only one out there that feels that way!

Even amongst all this clutter,
I recently managed to stage a couple things for photos.
This photo was taken during the actual move.
I thought it was a pretty pile of my bedroom stuff.
One thing I noticed was that as a lot of my belongings were being piled into the rental I got to see them in a new light. The different surroundings really made me appreciate them. 
It was as if I noticed them again. 
As part of my 'therapy' I am also collecting new items
that I find fit my farmhouse style.
Aged raw wood & antique linens for sure! 
I have created a 'My Neutral Palette' on pinterest where I am pinning a lot of the colour tones that I feel are similar to the colours from the stones in the basement wall and old door. They are the muted colours I would love to add to the home if we get it!
You can check out the pinterest board HERE
Isn't this pretty? Farmhouse whites and raw wood. Simple.
This is a huge French antique linen sheet with the the initials for me and the hubs. I think it's so pretty. I love that it has aged over the years and somehow made it's way to me. I am always so thankful for every OLD item I get. I always wonder what it's story is and who made it and used it. In one of the photos above (with cube of French soap in tub) there are 2 more antique linen sheets. I admire all the work that went into making them. They were all hand made. Each side is handmade on a narrow loom and the two pieces very carefully hand stitched together.

Thanks for hanging in there with me, while we figure out our future!
I have all fingers and toes crossed that we will be able to purchase this house so very soon!
It would be so fantastic for our whole family!
Believe me! You would start to see some staging going on!! ;)


  1. Oh, wow, Melanie, these pictures are breathtaking. And "on the move" ;) moving, now you see them in from a new angle. Like the first time. So, when I clear things here, I always pretend, I am moving. What would I take with me? What has no part anymore in my current LIFE. I can only imagine, how you feel right now. Somehow like a new born soon.
    Your palette is adorable, and the new touch you add, Melanie, changes everything you keep as well.
    All these pieces I would love too, the linnen, handstitched or not, the raw rustic wood... hmmmmmm And of course, as I am a soap Junky for Aleppo soaps and the soaps of Marseille (which are the copy of Aleppo soaps without laurel oil), they are so adorable. Can never have enough :)
    So, I can´t wait for more, this was so inspiring, thank you. I wish you lots of power to this new way. Somehow this is exciting to watch :))
    Happy greetings from Méa

  2. That basement is do die for! Can't even tell you how much I love the rock and the large mother surrounding it and the beams! Wish it was in my kitchen in my farmhouse!!! Hang in there! You will be in there soon !

  3. we had a field stone basement in a wonderful old home we bought when we were very young and stupid you would not believe what we did to it oh how i wish i had it now. i keep hoping you get it [throw the tenet out] ha ha and get moving i can hardly wait to see what you will do with it much luck nancy

  4. Whites and raw wood - love it!
    Beautiful pictures from you...
    Love from Titti

  5. That fieldstone basement, don't you just want to stand there and soulfully cry over its history and beauty? I know I sure would.
    Even packing and in your so called mess you still inspires such beauty in the rustics.... I am adding more bleached weathered woods to my whites, and loving the mood it inspires.... I am sure your rental won't be to much longer, if so I am most certain you are still working on What inspires you most.
    Thank you for your relaxed look in all you do.


  6. There is nothing like great fabrics and rustic wood! Your photos are absolutely stunning! I would love if you have an opportunity to link up at the Dishing It & Digging It Link Party on my blog. 5 blogs x times the traffic. I really think a lot of my followers would love to see your blog and beautiful pictures.


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