Thursday 26 March 2015

Meanwhile in Canada

                                                               Meanwhile in Canada....

Oh friends, I see you posting lovely SPRING colors and it is so beautiful! Unfortunately THIS is my reality at the moment. BLAH BLAH BLAH! It actually started snowing again. It's such a dreary day.

I FINALLY got around to cutting some apple branches IN HOPES to force the blossoms.
Now, I have checked different sites and there are different ways-but I am lazy-and I will take the short cut or easiest route EVERY TIME! So we will see if pretty pink blossoms appear in the next couple weeks. I should have done this WEEKS ago! But hey, you know me-woulda shoulda coulda.
I am heading out today and hope to return with some colorful pretties for my home!
What are your favorite color flowers and home decor accent colors?


  1. I love yellow for a spring accent. When on earth does the snow end?

  2. I love yellow, cream and apricot this time of year. I'm another Canadian waiting for Spring. LOVE your header. Deb

  3. OMWord, I just got chilled looking at that picture! :) Hang in there! I picked up a few plants to bring indoors yesterday - ranunculus in pink shades, some small lavender plants - for the scent and greenery and some dusty miller - those whitish, green plants that look dusty in a good sort of way (and now I know what to call any dusty plants in my home - ha!). My favorite accent colors to use in our home are usually green and blue against neutrals. Love, love, love your style! ~julie

  4. We here on the desert of Southern Calif, have had some warmer spring days so much so that yard work is causing a bit of over sunning to the skin with a little to much burning colour. Yet we are headed for some rougher weather, we always get late spring chills, hail in the rain and high damaging winds. So we are taking advantage of the nicer days.
    As for your snow, I know you don't want to hear this but, it looks so beautiful in your photo, and I love Canada, making many visits when I lived in Washington State. I must visit again your beautiful Canada, I could so move there if a move was possiable.

    Thank you for the rustic farmhouse share, the branches of apples look ever so rustic even if they stay just as they are.

    See you soon.


  5. Oh Mel. . . hang in there hun, spring will show up. . . I went out n about yesterday and got the sweetest Crepe Myrtle topiary. . . fingers are crossed it survives until I can put it on the patio on warmer days. . . for some reason the winter Gods left us alone this year. . . we have had record breaking (in a good way) temps. 74 by Saturday. .. .sorry. . . I am just so excited. . .

  6. That is the way it can be here in Wyoming but this spring has been great so far...sorry, don't mean to rub it in. The only thing is by next week we could be look like what is happening in Canada. Love the apple blossom and I hope the bloom for you. Right now I am about to do some changes to my home, adding a wood ceiling to our family room so that means that a color change to the wall is now need. (it is a pumpkin color now which would look bad with the wood ceiling we chose) So white walls and slip cover the loveseat and sofa then add touches of blue for an accent color. After that I will see where to go from there.



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