Friday 20 March 2015

Faux Tin Tiles (repost)

 My headboard REALLY needed a makeover!
It had this black swirly wrought iron looking type thing in the center of it when we first bought it YEARS ago.
I removed the swirly thing and was having SO MUCH trouble figuring out HOW to fill the hole!

It was horrible. I had not a clue how to fix it!

Then I thought about old tin tiles (which I LOVE!) The hubby mentioned they might be hard to cut and nail into the wood and also any tin tiles I had found so far were a little out of my budget. :(

 BUT THEN! I found these inexpensive plastic tiles. I figured I could just paint them and try to give them that old tin tile LOOK. I cut them to size which was easy because they are just thin plastic. I then painted them with MMS MP in grain sack. I sanded them with a sanding block to add a distressed finish. I tacked them to the backside. They turned out pretty good!         
 They certainly work for now!

 I hope I've inspired you to be a little creative!



  1. what an amazing bed !!! in which I would now like to lie and cuddle the cat !!! love greetings from angie from Germany

  2. Certainly impressive, I also love the box at the end of the bed.

  3. What a great way to use those fake tin panels. I have them in my kitchen and love the farmhouse feel they bring in there.

  4. Beautiful headboard and bedroom♥


  5. That was a brilliant improvisation! It looks great.



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