Saturday, 27 September 2014

They did it!

Locks of Love for sure!
The girls got their hair cut at school on Thursday as part of the schools Terry Fox Run & event day.
An extremely emotional time for me.
My eldest daughter went first.   I had asked my friend Nancy who is a teacher at the school to cut their hair. Come to find out her Aunt has lost all her hair and is battling cancer so it meant a lot to her to do this.
My youngest daughter had never had even a trim so it was (is) a big deal to me! I braided a tiny braid to keep for myself and I snipped it off first before handing the scissors back over to Nancy. The girls also raised 1000 dollars to go along with their hair. Friends, family and local businesses from our community were so kind to donate for such a good cause.
I have shed tears here and there since. Yes even at Walmart! And then we  had an employee almost crying when I shared her story. Can you believe it!? Oh the crazy people you'll see at Walmart! (ME)  THE GIRLS LOVE THEIR HAIRCUT! AND BEST OF ALL SOME LUCKY CHILDREN WILL HAVE BEAUTIFUL WIGS MADE OUT OF ~LOVE~


  1. Oh wow, such love from your two daughters. They are sharing with their hearts too. God Bless.

  2. Oh so glad you posted this event that was so emotional for you. As I mentioned in your last post, I too went through the same emotions as you when my daughters hair almost as long as your daughter the youngest one that is had her hair cut off for the same purpose to help others less fortunate, be it cancer or other health reasons to as whey their hair was falling out or reasons of treatment. I cried tears of my baby losing her young little girl hair, and my daughter so loved her cut as well.
    Both of your daughters look amazing, and I am not just saying this because of the selfless act of donating their hair to locks of love, but truly I think they look so now! And so updated to what's still feminine with any style of clothing they might wear. How much easier it will be for them yo pull it back or head band it for a fun look!

    You made the right choice in donating it, and you have instilled a beautiful giving in your daughters hearts.

    Sooooooo! Cute, soooooo beautiful they are.


  3. As a leukemia survivor, I cannot express my gratitude enough for what your daughters have done. Donating their hair to Locks of Love is a selfless gift. They should be very proud of what they have done and congrats to you on raising such wonderful and generous girls!

    Cheryl @ The Creative Me and My McG

  4. This is a BEAUTIFUL thing to do for others. I have loved seeing your daughter's beautiful hair in your posts and I can only imagine the emotions for you to have to watch it being cut off. But the good thing about hair is that it can grow back.

    Blessings to you and yours...


  5. Such an amazing thing they have done, whilst hard for you they are amazing girls.

  6. What a sweet story! You and the girls should be congratulated for being so socially conscious and doing something to help others. Congratulations!

  7. Beautiful actions done by beautiful people... Bravo!!!

  8. very brave girls! Especially your youngest had such a long gorgous hair, very selfless gesture!

  9. Beautiful gesture. Love your blog.

  10. Beautiful! It's only hair will grow back. So nice of your girls to think of other children? You must have done something right ! Mom. Congratulations to all!



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