Tuesday 16 September 2014

Kitchenaid mixer makeover

I'm sorry I don't have step by step instructions to share.
I myself scoured pinterest and found multiple sites that share in detail the process of how to paint your mixer.
I encourage you to google it or look on pinterest and you will find what you are looking for!
I have had this mixer for 8 years now my hubby bought it for our anniversary. He paid EXTRA because it had to be the PINK one!
For the last year or so it has been in the cupboard because I was getting tired of the pink. (sorry hubs!)
BUT now I am loving the white!
It's not burning my eyes anymore!


  1. What a beautiful makeover Melanie! Thanks for sharing... Alexandra

  2. I have seen that done before on another blog and it looks so easy . I'm afraid I'll get mine apart and can't get it back together LOL
    I liked your pink however I have a dark cobalt blue and want to lighten it up also maybe turquoise

  3. Awesome ! Good to know thx for the info.

  4. Great! I think I can do it with my coffee machine.From Black to White! My Father think,one day,my man is white,too.Maybe...
    Sorry,my english is not perfect.Greetings from Germany....

  5. Looking at the new ones and am falling in love with the gun metal grey pewter tone. What holds me back on white is perhaps the whiteness down the line, yet nice to see you were able to inspire your mixer with a new finish.
    I can sooo do this:)

    Thank you for all you inspire in your rustic farmhouse.


  6. You are definitely a girl after my own heart! Love love love that you were brave enough to actually paint an appliance to meet your new look (Oh Horror!) And it actually turned out beautiful...why should we be limited by color? I have made it a practice to change the color of anything that wasn't working for me anymore (even appliances). Keep it up!

  7. I so so so LOVE this and am doing ! xoxoxo

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  9. Thanks, I was thinking I'd like a red one, but maybe I'll stick with white too.



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