Saturday 14 September 2013


Here is our Hello Kitty with.......
our new little guy!
He is a tiny little fluffball!

You may have read my last post-if not-you should read it to better understand this one.
Can you believe we brought home ANOTHER little kitten!? We can't! lol
but we DID!
Our Hello Kitty is doing
Her first week with us-she actually wasn't well-we spent over $230 at the vet clinic!! YES! within the first week!
She is feeling much better and I hope she continues to do well.
Our little boy is a blue point himalayan-the sweetest little guy ever!!
and he still doesn't have a NAME!
So we would appreciate some ideas!

UPDATE!!!! My husband has named him Smeagol (Lord of the Rings)
and it's sort of suits him!
he is a little funny looking (in a cute way!)
and has big blue eyes! ;)


  1. How cute!! I'd try to help you with a name but I don't think I'm the best at naming cats...mine are named Shifty and Shady.

  2. How adorable! He looks a lil gray so maybe Grayson one of my all time favs :) Will be fun to see what others come up with.

  3. Both of them are so adorable. So sorry that this one was sick but glad he is okay now.

  4. What cuties! I am sure there is lots of activity in your home right now. I am so glad your new little one is feeling better. Have fun! Blessings!

  5. Oh my. I so hope your breeder reimburses you for those costs. The kitten shouldn't have been so sick! So glad you got Sméagol too. I figured somebody else must have bought him and that was why you didn't get him when you got Hello Kitty. I have a doll face myself that was born in March and she is adorable too. A stinker, but adorable. How is your older guy doing with these new babies?

  6. Oh, how SWEET!!♥

    Many greetings from Finland,

  7. Omg I love them...I want one!! I read your last post too,sorry you lost a much loved pet..these two are soooo cute though..hope your doing ok.Did you go to Christies..we did and I got so wet I had a hard time getting my clothes off when I got home,but it was worth it!! x0x0

  8. I just found your lovely blog. I love your laundry room and am inspired by your decorating.
    Merry Christmas.



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