Thursday 5 September 2013

A Loss~A Gain

This is our Willow-we brought her home MAY 2012
I cannot believe the joy I felt!
I had always wanted a cat like her~since I was a young girl myself
and she was just the cutest little thing!
She was so fun to take photos of! 
It took a while for Milo to warm up to her

She made herself right at home 

the 2 became best buds

here she is when she was super tiny

the kids love her so much

I just love taking my cute photos!


more cuddles!
 so much of time just being LOVED!


always together!

yum yum!! zzzzzz
Willow became very sick
her medicine did not help her at all
and she had to be put down on August 23rd.
It was very upsetting for our whole family!
I was with my 4 year old at the vets and very unprepared
for the the sudden realization of what was about to happen
 I had to explain it to her
I wished I had never brought her
It was pretty much devastating
she cried her eyes out-well we BOTH cried our eyes out
there I was frantically texting my husband and my oldest son
while trying to downplay it as much as possible
for my daughters sake
There was a process that we all had to go through with the shock
and we CONTINUE to go through the grieving process.
And then there was Milo........he was very depressed!
We 'ALL' lost a family member.
He lost the only one of his kind.
So I decided to bring home another kitty for our family.
We could never replace our Willow-but our family can always begin to love another.
So here she is HELLO KITTY
(my 4 year old says she is hers and first named her Sugar but now she is HELLO KITTY)

she is a dollface persian himalayan

She is a real sweetheart!

Playful little girl!

my 4 year old is so happy!

she's just a sweetie!

super cuddly soft!

so another adventure begins
I admit it feels a little strange
I guess it will take some time
It will take Milo a while to warm up to HELLO KITTY but when he does
I will have so many wonderful photos to share.
RIP our Willow~our Angel.
I thought I would add a few photos of HELLO KITTY'S family
She was the last white one-she hadn't been chosen yet I believe because she
has some yellowing around her eyes- mostly one eye
I was hoping to bring her brother home with us as well
he is the dark one in these photos
he is a TOTAL fluff ball!
twice as fluffy as her! ;)


  1. Melanie...thank you for sharing your story. It's heartbreaking that Willow lived such a short life, but it was a wonderful one filled with love and cuddles! I'm so sorry for your loss. HELLO KITTY has all the same adorableness!! I know Milo will adjust (my dog's name is Milo!).

    Best wishes to you and your family! :)


  2. Such a sweet story!! So sorry for your loss. Hello Kitty is beautiful! Wishing you a nice evening :)

  3. I am sorry to hear of your poor Willow. Hello Kitty looks like she will fit right in with the family. I am a cat person myself. We have been lucky to have had lovable kitties. Right now our Mittens thinks he is a dog, he cries to come in or go out and lets you know when he is hungry. Best cat/dog I could ever ask for. Next time we will get two to keep each other company.

  4. So very sorry for the loss of your sweet cuddly kitten. We have three cats and we love them so much. Each one is unique. One of our never came home 1 1/2 yrs ago and I still miss him. We got two others to keep the other company. Enjoy your new little kitten! She's beautiful!
    Blessigs, Diane

  5. So sorry for the loss of Willow. You didn't have her very long. I have two cats myself so I know how much you can love those silly fur balls. Glad Hello Kitty is in your life now. She's beautiful!

  6. Sorry Mel, a loss of any kind is devastating. And as hard as it is for kids to understand it's a part of life they must face at some point. A new kitty helps ease the pain and judging from your comments Willow will never be replaced, your memories of her will live on. Hello Kitty sure is a cutie.

  7. So sorry for your loss of Willow. It is so hard when we lose one of our furry family members. We had the same thing happen with one of our yorkies a couple of years ago. But it is good that our hearts have so much love in them to welcome another furry member to our family. Hello Kitty is so beautiful.

  8. I am so sorry about your loss of Willow.. I know the feeling all too well.
    I believe all animal lovers have 'been there' and it's hard.
    good luck with your new kitty. Beautiful and cuddly ...Barbra Joan

  9. Meravigliosiiiiiiiiii i tuoi gatti!!!!!

  10. I am just so sorry to hear of Willow's passing. Truly brought to tears and she was so young. Poor baby. I have a dollface too, though she is calico. She's a stinker. Hello Kitty is adorable and I hope she eases some of the pain you and your family are feeling.

  11. I couldn't believe as I just read this, because just yesterday we had to put one (out of 2)of our beloved cats down. So I feel your pain-it's so devastating!! I'm sorry for your loss-Willow was so beautiful; but seeing your new sweet kitty gives me hope!

  12. I am so sorry about your sweet Willow. :'( It is so hard losing our furbabies. Hello Kitty is beautiful and it looks like she is settling in very nicely!

  13. oh they are all so cute!! It's so hard to lose a loved one even when they are animals. They are still so much a part of our families.

  14. Mi dispiace per la perdita del tuo meraviglioso gatto!Capisco quanto siete stati male...perchè un animale che vive in casa, in famiglia,gli si vuole tanto tanto bene!Hai fatto bene a prenderne un'altro(BELLISSSIMO!!!)soprattutto per tuo figlio.Io ne ho quattro:tre bianchi e uno macchiato...tanto affezionata a loro ..e vivono in casa con me!Un caro saluto e complimenti per il tuo blog e per i tuoi splendidi gattini..
    Sono tra i tuoi fans...Patry

  15. I am so sorry to hear of your loss.I know how hard it is too lose a family companion.We lost our Cleo years ago and I vowed I would never ever have another family pet again.She broke our hearts.But my daughter longed for a kitty of her own so we reluctantly adopted our Tabitha.And I am so glad we did.She has filled our hearts with love and joy.In time your heart will heal also.

  16. So sorry for your loss Mel...this post was a tear jerker for me as I am also very attached to my cat and can't imagine the sadness you must feel. We also have a himalayan and I know what joy they bring, the amount of hair they shed not so much of a joy. Your new kitty is adorable. Best wishes~ Meg

  17. I am so sorry for your loss. Every day we have with our pets is a blessing. I guess all we can do is love them while we have them.

    God Bless!


  18. Yesterday we had to put our sweet Mittens to sleep. We brought him from Chile - South America where we lived for a few years. He was sick and also getting old. The best personality that a cat ever have. I feel your pain. It does hurt, and how we miss that little creature gone. No, another will not replace your little angel but you love again this little sweet one you have. Best wishes and congratulations on the adoption of Hello Kitty!

  19. Oh my goodness, the tears, but you have a wonderful beautiful family and your little lost one will always be with you, always! The "love" picture of Hello Kitty and your daughter just brought tears to my eyes, so very sweet! I am happy she and you all have the new little member of the family! I am allergic to kitties, I tried once to have a couple, but I just cant. So I have puppies. Three of them! LOL They are members of my family and my "kids" now too! :) My heart breaks for you, I know the feeling, there will never be a replacement but to give love to another little sweet soul is so wonderful and will honor your other little baby. Hugs to you, now a follower, I love your blog, so beautiful and all you wonderful pictures of all your babies just made me smile! thank you! kat =^.^=

  20. Oh I am so sorry for your loss. Pets are one of the family. They grow on you. I felt the heartache that your sweet girl must have felt. Hello Kitty was the right thing to do.

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