Saturday, 15 September 2012

Why Willow Why?

 WHY? WHY? WHY? does Willow feel the need to sleep in my potted plant?! Why would that be more comfortable than a nice fluffy duvet?? She gets dirt all over her long hair  and leaves a trail when she is done her nap!! I have enough people to clean up after in this house!

And WHY? is she so darn cute? cuz I look at her and I just can't give her heck!?! DARN cat!


  1. Cats. They have a mind of their own. It's probably warm near the window.

    1. my cats sleep in the oddest places! this spot is not preferred by ME because of all the mess she leaves behind! :/

  2. Love this shot under the rosemary!
    I'm a new follower on GFC and Pinterest.
    Love your look and your photos are precious.



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