Sunday, 9 September 2012

A Farm Style Sink

 If ever we move-a Farm Style Sink is #1 on my must-have list!

 I appreciate it EVERY day!

 I ALSO appreciate fresh hydrangeas! and wish I could have them every day!

 No matter where we live I know I can make my own farmhouse style kitchen

just some extra pretties!

lavender soap~pretty details
on Monday, we are going to 'look' (JUST look!) at a house that is for sale-as you know a LOT goes into buying & selling a home! but it kinda makes me excited imagining making a new farmstyle kitchen! and a Farm Style Sink is definitely a MUST-HAVE!


  1. with your talent and vision, Melanie, you could make a beautiful farmhouse kitchen out of a garden shed. Have fun house-hunting.

    1. omgosh!LOL! well Heather, Im not too sure about that! but it would sure be fun trying! thanks very much! :))

  2. Hey darlin...well I have to say Christies was not as good as usual..the rain held off but there were alot of venders MIA..and the prices were UNREAL....I got two cutting boards which I just love and a small grain sack pillow and thats it...oh well!!! Love your sink...we were going to put one of those in but went with a Belfast sink instead.Have a great soon,xo



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