Sunday, 21 October 2012

October Warmth

Adding heavy blankets, candles, fall colors AND my new jute rug  really adds warmth to our living room this October.

slippers, sweaters & heavy blankets are a must in October! 

October harvest

Apples leftover from harvest

now, this isn't really MY idea of fall decor-but it makes the kids happy! 
I brightened this pic up and added it-the other one was a little dark


  1. I love the warmth of your home. It is all so beautiful and cozy and looks so easy to live in.

    Your jute rug is wonderful! Your sweet little girl is beautiful!

    1. Sorry! I just found this!! THANK YOU Amy! Our home has to be easy to live in-we have 5 kids, 2 cats & a dog in here!! So furniture has washable slipcovers and most everything already has chips, dents, scratches etc so it all works out well!! LOL

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