Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Christmas Stockings FOR SALE!

 Hey friends! I have a few Christmas stockings for sale!

 red striped grain sack stockings
 grain sack stockings-rustic, grubby blue stripes and ticking details


Stockings are priced from $25-$35. Canadian ($18.84-$26.38 U.S. funds)

If you are interested in purchasing any of these stockings email
I also have some listed on my etsy shop here
Or I can send you a direct paypal invoice.
Thanks very much!! ~Mel


  1. Amazing beauty in your aged old rustic stockings.... Love them!
    I too have had stockings in my etsy shop the start of August.
    I could so add some of your styles I. The mix of mine in my home design.

    Un Joyeux Noël


  2. Sometimes I find a little time - an I hop around to find blogs in this web - today, after a long time successless, I found two. You are one of them. The feeling you have, your ideas! BEAUTIFUL!
    So have a happy time, greetings from Méa, now a follower :))

  3. They are all so beautiful, I am sure they won't be there long.

  4. It’s my fortune to go to at this blog and realize out my required stuff that is also in the quality.

  5. Melenie,
    They are so lovely! I love Christmas decoration!
    Thank's for sharing! :)



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