Wednesday, 7 May 2014


                                               Ah Just showing off a little prettiness!
                                               I am just loving my new grain sack! It's pretty!
                                                And then there is my youngest!
                                                  Well now that is prettiness! ;)
                                                Cute as a button with a little sass!
                                                    She loves posing for pictures!
                                                     And then there's her hair!
                                                 Her hair that is noticed everywhere we go!
                                               The sun shines through it so beautifully
                         She still doesn't want anyone to cut hair~she said she will wait a while

                            Our plan is to one day donate it, until then we can enjoy the prettiness.


  1. She is so cute and wow that hair. My granddaughters donated their hair. Their's grows back so fast.

  2. I love the grain sack. . . the photo is stunning. . . n your lil princess is such a living doll. . . ~d

  3. I already wrote on your Facebook page - she is so sweet! And her hair is so gorgeous... My daughter also love to pose for pictures :-) And the grain sack is a real treasure... Have a nice day, Alexandra

  4. What a pretty one... and what a face! Just darling!



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