Friday, 11 April 2014

Feels like Foreverrrrrr

Just posting random photos of my home life
Waiting for the issue of Prairie Style seems to feel like forever right now!
Above is our Hello Kitty in my daughters room~she is a pretty persian.

Who just happens to have the ugliest hair cut EVERRR right now! (below)
I know! I know! Horror, nausea, laughter, sorrow.
It's OK!
We also experienced multiple feelings but she was in need of a haircut. and like they always say

Here is Smeagol, in the laundry room
he is our blue point himalayan~such pretty eyes.

Smeags on my bed.
My middle child. My eldest of 2 daughters.
She is (hopefully) featured in Prairie Style.
We can't wait for the issue to come out!!
It's one of those situations where waiting seems like FOREVERRR


  1. I LOVE that little nook in your daughters bedroom! What an awesome space

  2. Blessings to you from the Flint Hills Of Kansas!
    Fun to see into your world. Kitty's hair will grow, but I think this is the first time I've seen a kitty haircut. Meow and I'm sure you had good reasons.
    Spring has sprung,

  3. I thought that was a stuffed cat sitting on the floor... her hair will grow, but poor kitty for right now! Keep her inside to hide the same of it all ;o)


  4. Hola Melanie, so happy to have found the wonderful nest you have created!!!
    Cariños from Chile

  5. Hi Melanie - I just stumbled upon your blog and I'm happy I did. What a lovely home you have. I had to laugh at kitty's shaved look as I remember having to do that with my persian years back. Your photos of your home and cats are so adorable. I love cats and have made a business out of caring for them while their owner's travel. You have three of the most beautiful ones I have seen. I'm a fellow Canadian and now a follower of your blog. Deb (Ontario)

  6. Hi Melanie, your cats are so gorgeous... I am in the same feeling with the new issue... I can`t wait it to be in my hands :-) Have a nice and peaceful weekend... Alexandra

  7. We had a gray Persian that had that same hair cut often! I am laughing because I remember how unbearable he was after one of these cuts. Hoping your kitty is taking it better. It does grow back. Your home is beautiful!

  8. lovely!

  9. Your bedroom looks dreamy... what a beautiful grain sack long pillow display on your bed. Fabulous!! Have a nice week! Love ~ Vanessa ~

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