Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Country Sampler feature..........

Donna, the editor of Country Sampler Magazine PHONED me today
She said she never really phones people regarding their homes she leaves it up to the photographer to deal with the client but she wanted to talk with me 
She said she REALLY wants to feature our home
BUT now our photo shoot will be in the SPRING 
She said she knows I have my Rustic Farmhouse fans who were waiting to hear about the shoot and 
She said I could put the blame on her (LOL) 
She has NO time to put together the shoot list even if we were ready next week
Donna had previously stated she wanted our home decorated for Spring in the 2014 Home Tour Edition and was also worried that some of the FALL trees around the farm would show through the windows
She PROMISED we would do the shoot in the spring-we threw some ideas around possibly Easter eggs, baby chicks, orchard blossoms, a family shot and the girls room will definitely be included (that's all I really cared about)
She also said that our home may be featured in more than ONE issue AND possibly in a new magazine they are putting together
I just dont like that it will only be in a 2015 issue now!!!  SOOOOO long to wait!!!! 

 So I cried a little but I am relieved too 
Now we can slowly finish up painting and trimwork and decorate more areas of the house
Now I can sip my wine not gulp it! LOL 

I am very thankful for ALL of my supportive Rustic Farmhouse friends! :)


  1. Yes I would shed a tear or two as well! Well this gives you a chance at finishing other projects.
    Who knows they may change their minds and do a winter feature.

  2. That is exciting news Mel. How did it all come to be. . . do they have blog watchers and then contact you. . . did you submit a photo or interest. . .? If there is a house/home in blog land worthy of being featured, its yours . . . I stop by and snoop around all the time. . . can't wait to see you in BIG PRINT. . . xx

  3. Sounds like it is all good news and one needs time to sip rather than gulp.

  4. That should take the pressure off a little. Even if the time is delayed it's still VERY exciting news!

  5. So exciting!! Your home is beautiful and it deserves to be in a magazine!!!

  6. I'm really sorry for the delay.

    But maybe something else will come along in the meantime, because everything looks great!

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Congratulations Melanie! Your home is gorgeous!

  9. Bonjour,

    Je peux aisément comprendre votre déception... Mais bravo ! vous ne vous laissez pas gagner par la rancoeur.
    Je suis certaine que cette année 2014 va très vite passée et vous permettre d'être bien prête pour 2015.
    Un gros bisou et un grand merci pour votre très gentil commentaire laissé sur mon blog. Votre visite m'a beaucoup touchée et je serai heureuse de vous lire à nouveau.
    Encore des bisous ♥



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