Monday, 10 September 2012

My facebook page hit 3000 LIKES!

Today is a little EXCITING! my facebook page hit 3000 LIKES! It's amazing what a little SHARING can do! I LOVE seeing all the beauty out there on facebook, pinterest, blogs, picturetrails and I have met some very talented and wonderful ladies! I decided to do a little sharing myself and my page caught the eye of a stylist, photographer AND Fifi O'Neill! So you never know where it will lead!!! :)))


  1. Congratulations! That's impressive!!! I'm struggling to get to 100 right now - right on the cusp at 98 but been stuck there. I'm a long way from your stratosphere but still loving all the new connections I'm making.

    Your stuff is so beautiful, Melanie, I'm sure you'll be at 30,000 before you know it. And now your blog will be growing expedentially too.

    1. Well, I just shared your facebook page on mine so maybe you'll pick up a couple more LIKES! and THANK YOU! best part is having fun & meeting women from all over!! :)



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