Monday, 3 September 2012

Is it a keeper??

So here is one of the ROAD KILL finds my sister in law got for us-what do you think?

isn't it purdy?!

I washed it, had to sand some of it & then painted the bottom section with MMS milk paint
Miss Mustard Seed's IRONSTONE milk paint from Homestead House Paint Company in Toronto

what do you think? 

is it a keeper??


  1. Keeper!!!! Like how you put the basket and quilt in the bottom.

    How do you like the milk paint? I haven't used it before, stuck on the chalk paint.

    1. hmm, milk paint? I'm wondering how I like it myself-still not sure! honestly-I think I need to use it on a few more pieces that have different finishes on them. today the wood inside the dresser was porous because it had no finish-so it soaked in quite a bit-had to do a few coats-soon we are going to finish building a cabinet that is SUPPOSED to look old-I am going to apply a stain & poly first before the milk paint-so give me a bit to figure how I feel about it-and YES I love chalk paint too!

  2. I like it! It fits perfectly to the other furnitures!
    Greetings from Barbara



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